articles_goatJulyHow did you do in the Horse 午 month? Did you thrive or barely survive? Either way, the magnanimous and duplicate energy of the Horse 午 did not fail to show us what it can really do. And alas! Nothing lasts forever. So here we are, approaching the genteel energy of the Goat 未 on July 7th, and it will be a somewhat welcoming reprieve.

To celebrate our Earth month, I’d like to share with you this lovely Native American Proverb:

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,
We borrow it from our children.

This month is Yin Metal Goat 辛未 with Metal sitting on top in a productive relationship (Earth produces Metal). It will be a gentler, less intense kind of month compared to June, or even last April’s heavy, ground-shattering Dragon 辰 month. Then again, no other months can even come close to June.

Interestingly enough, the Goat 未 month is actually quite “boring” from a forecasting perspective because the explosive month of the Horse 午 pretty much took up all the space and glory! In other words, the Goat 未 month will help teeter us closer to equilibrium. And isn’t that nice? Forecast done.

Just kidding!

Metal sitting on top of Earth allows the energy of the Earth to soften, a kind of “outlet” while we are still entrenched in the strong Fire year. A sense of calm and comfort will finally ease over us. Moreover, the strength of the year’s Horse 午 energy will also combine with the Goat 未, creating a more harmonious and easy feel that many of us have been craving since the Horse 午 year arrived. More yay!

I certainly do not need to rehash the dynamic, albeit chaotic, month of June. Even if you do not follow the news closely, I’m sure you have been privy to the dramatics of June’s wrath. After a time, I personally couldn’t keep up with the harsh realities of what’s happening all around. Human disharmony, sickness, diseases, and natural disasters manifested everywhere, irrespective of geography. It made me sad and left me feeling a little helpless.

On a micro level, if May and June were challenging for you, I hope you navigated the summer months with grace and compassion. If they were a prosperous time, I also hope you optimized on the Horse’s good fortune! As you can see, the Horse 午 definitely knows how to play both sides! It is a force to be reckon with.

Like everything else in life, what is down must come up. And what seemed so hard and overwhelming will also become easier and more relaxed. For those who have had a tough time with the Horse 午 year thus far, you may get the break you finally seek. Although Water is still lacking (to control the Fire year), we are inching closer and closer to some kind of balance, especially in August when the Water Element finally make its debut appearance this year.

But… not so fast. We are not yet in Monkey 申 month.

While I do want to stick with mostly good news, we could still continue to see some more fighting in July. Shocking, I know.

Because the Goat 未 provides a solid foundation to Metal, the Metal aspect will be strong enough to fight off the Wood (Yang Wood 甲 in the Year), which has been the culprit to so much hard-headedness and fierce fighting this year. Even though Metal was present last month, it was too weak to do anything because Metal was sitting on top of a lot of Fire. Instead, this month, Metal is fully supported on the bottom. BAM!

We can interpret this to mean the quality of Metal (justice) will cut off or penetrate the stubbornness and inflexibility of Yang Wood 甲 (the head). Furthermore, Flying Star 3 is also in the Center this month, which carries the meaning of Conflict. Therefore, we will definitely see some fighting back.

The conflict in Iraq will also intensify because the Goat 未 is dry, like desert earth. Did you know the two USA wars in Iraq also occurred during a Goat year? 1991 and 2003 were Goat years. And here we are, approaching a Goat month. Because history tends to repeat itself, let’s see how the US will navigate through this time again when we enter the 2015 Goat year!

Last month I briefly described the quality of Metal, which is often described as loyal, altruistic, charitable, and heroic. Surely, the appearance of Metal last month did help bring out some do-gooders and positive news in the spotlight despite being shrouded by the turbulent month.

I came across tons of news on random acts of kindness. They happen all the time, I’m sure, and they may not necessarily hit the global news network, but these acts are colossal nonetheless, and always worth a mention:

  • Hospice workers in Washington helped a dying man fulfill his final wish to see the woods one last time.
  • Actress Amy Adams gave up her first class seat to an American soldier, on her way to LA from Detroit.
  • Two friends in Brazil built a miniature soccer pitch with raised lines so that their blind and deaf buddy can also experience World Cup soccer.
  • A high school janitor will visit his granddaughter overseas for the first time, thanks to a sweet surprise raised by the students and staff at Anderson County High School in Kentucky.  And there’s So. Much. More.

PS: June’s Fire month also proved beneficial to the stock markets. Wall Street’s S&P 500 index was said to hit 2,000 for the first time before end of 2014, having already set a series of record highs this year on optimism (Fire) that interest rates will remain low, a Reuters poll showed. Woo-hoo!

If last month’s Yang Metal 庚 is compared to a sword, then Yin Metal 辛 is often associated with the gems of the earth. It signifies beauty, creativity, and appreciation. While beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, Metal is generally regarded as more beautiful because Metal is also related to the human skin, teeth, and oval-shaped face. Famous Yin Metal 辛 people include Angelina Jolie, Carla Bruni, Jodie Foster, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, and the late Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe.

In Chinese Metaphysics, this Element is also seen to be gentle, alluring, charming, and glamorous. But don’t get easily fooled by the exterior. Yin Metal people inside can be just like a small, cold dagger – harsh, resilient, calculated, and tough. Because their innate character is fiercely affiliated with loyalty, they are less forgiving if you betray their trust!

Note: Just for scary fun… Did you know many well-known criminals are also Yin Metal? The likes of Osama Bin Laden, Anders Breivik (Norway mass shooting), Cheng Chieh (Taiwan subway stabbing), and Seung-Hui Cho (Virginia Tech massacre). I’ll leave it to you what you think about that! 🙂

The Goat 未 is also a Nobleman month to those born in the Year or Day of Yang Wood 甲, Yang Metal 庚, and Yang Earth 戊. Because things will feel smoother, this is an auspicious time to make some positive achievements. Keep an open mind and an open heart. Helpful people (“Earth Angels”) are coming!

If your Four Pillars has an Ox 丑, this month will be a clash. So it’s normally recommended to carry the pendant of the Horse 午 to help minimize the clash this month. Although this is more of a symbolic gesture, it is always best to manage the Elements with your actions. Because a clash promotes dynamic movement, take this opportunity to move around, travel, or make positive changes in your life.

If the Ox sits in your Day Master, and you are in a relationship, a little disturbance with the spouse (or lover) might come up, such as misunderstandings or miscommunications. This is temporary. Keep an open channel of communication, or use this month to explore or nurture a hobby on your own.

Another aspect to pay attention to about the Goat 未 is that it is also an Element that forms a string called Earth Penalty. If you have an Ox 丑 and Dog 戌 in your BaZi chart (or current Luck Pillar), and Earth is not a favorable element to you, it’s best to care for your health by increasing both the Water and Wood Elements. In Chinese Medicine, this means you should pay extra love to the kidneys and liver. While incorporating useful colors such as black, white, blue, and green is helpful, I always say nothing beats what you actually put INSIDE your body. So it’s much better to eat more Yin foods to cool down the heat, or antioxidants to regulate and support the body.

Before I move on to Feng Shui, I want to ask: Have you gained some weight? If you noticed you have gained a few extra pounds, or can’t seem to lose the excess weight, you can partly blame it on the Fire year. Ha-ha!

Despite keeping a somewhat rigid diet, I personally have added a little weight, not a ton, but enough to annoy me. 🙂 Too much Fire produces Earth, and Earth is our muscles. That’s why it’s harder to lose weight this year. If you are on the same boat, I suggest we all remain patient in the time being, and continue to keep up with healthy routines by exercising and eating a well-balanced meal. When August arrives, things will shift. Literally. Additionally, the day after the Summer Solstice also marks the beginning of Yin, as we are slowly moving away from the intense Fire energy.

After taking care of your health and your attitude, the other step is to also check the Flying Stars in your house where you mainly perform important functions such as sleep. Particularly, you want to ensure you are sleeping under a good Mountain Star to support your health and human harmony. This way, you’re taking care of your mind, body, spirit, AND optimizing on the benevolent energy of your physical environment. More on Flying Star in a jiffy.

I want to turn my attention to my country’s president. Barack Obama is a strong Yin Earth 己 man. Irrespective of your political stance, I only care about the Elements. And by golly is he having a rough year!

Because he is strong Earth, Fire is an unfavorable element. Therefore, it is no wonder he is overwhelmed by an onslaught of dire national and domestic issues. Syria, China, Russia, Ukraine, and now Iraq. Not to mention the mounting number of domestic battles he faces at home with Obamacare, minimum wage, and environmental debates. His public approval and ratings have taken quite a beating. Can he catch a break?

The first half of the year certainly has not been so easy on him. But finally, July will be different. In July, the Metal Element is strong, which represents his Intelligence Element; therefore, he will definitely perform better. He will be able to properly “show off” his skills and remind his friends (supporters and enemies alike) that he is the boss, and very much still in command.

Because he is inching closer to the seasons (Autumn and Winter) that are more supportive and favorable to him, and August is his Monkey 申 Nobleman month, we will see a shift in his public support and political progress. President Obama is in his positive Metal Tiger 庚寅 Nobleman10-year luck cycle, so this hardship is isolated to the Horse 午 year only, particularly to the first half of 2014. So, let’s wait and see!

Someone recently asked me why we examine famous people for case studies. The shortest answer to that is: This is how we learn. That’s like asking why medical students operate on a cadaver. Because famous people’s lives are so public, it is easier to trace their luck and life history. When you learn, you understand; and when you understand, you gain perspective. That has always been my philosophy.

When you study human behavior like this, you also learn to identify patterns of how the Elements behave, regardless of who the person is, where they live, what color their skin, what religion they believe in, or what their profession. This is why I love BaZi so much. It does not discriminate and it has no bounds.

All you need is your birth date, and we all have this data information readily available!

We often examine a person from a micro-scale, such as you and me, an ordinary individual. But we also observe the luck fortune of people in high positions, such as a President. Because each person plays a role, a person’s fortune, or luck, will always have an impact. The stakes and magnitude of this influence, however, will depend on the person’s position and responsibility. Meaning, the more people you control, the more impact you have.

For instance, if a big boss is in bad luck, then the business and employees he manages will also be negatively impacted. If a husband is in bad luck, then the marriage with his wife will be turbulent. If an investor is in bad luck, he could make poor financial decisions and lose money. Similarly, when a politician (who runs an entire country) is also in bad luck, then the country he runs will also be affected. We see this in real life time and time again no matter who it is, where they are from, or what time it is.

And so, this theory also goes the same for people who are in good luck. When they are in good luck, they make positive impact. One obvious example is Captain Chesley Sullivan, the heroic pilot who landed US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River. He was in his favorable 10-year Goat 未 Nobleman luck and was also surrounded by his Ox 丑 Nobleman on the day of the flight, Jan. 18, 2009.

Skills, attitude, actions, emotions, AND luck all play a part in every aspect of life.

Remember, the most fundamental theory of Chinese Metaphysics says we do not live in a world unto ourselves. We are all interconnected and intertwined. Therefore, our luck, as well as our actions always have a relationship with each other. This is why we learn and strive to always do better.

Now, some Feng Shui…

Flying Star 4 in the Center “flies away” this month. Buh-bye! No more duplicate yuckiness in the Northwest and East. This month, Flying Star 3 is visiting in the Center, which means Misfortune Star 5 is in the West and Sickness Star 2 is in the Southeast. Move your 6 metal rod wind chime and 6 metal coins to the West and Southeast sectors, respectively. With 3 in the Center, and in an Earth month, we’ll have to watch out for earthquakes and other earth-related disasters such as avalanche and landslides. The earth below might feel a bit unsteady.

6 and 5 in the West could be a problem related to viral infections like flu (breathing organ issues); 3 and 2 in the Southeast is “fighting bull,” so more fighting in countries residing in Southeast Asia.

I still strongly recommend avoid disturbing the earth in the Northwest sector (in case you are doing any major renovations or constructions in your home or office).If you have no choice and must break ground, then you can place a Dragon Head Tortoise in this area to minimize the effects of “Offending the Duke.” But, in Feng Shui, we always prefer to avoid than cure whenever possible.

The Southwest and North Sectors are going to be really prosperous, tapping into Flying Stars 1 and 9 and 9 and 8, respectively. If you have an office here, or a room more conducive to activity, you may want to activate these Stars by placing moving objects such as a fish tank, a TV, or incorporating more Fire and Water Elements. Keep these areas open and active.

Fun facts: Did you know July was named in honor of Julius Cesar? In the Roman calendar, July was originally called Quintilis, meaning fifth, because at one time July was a fifth month. This changed when Julius Cesar added two months at the start of the year, and so July became the seventh month.

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