My heavy work schedule got the better of me and March snuck up on me, too! What a blessing it is to be in a flow. And so, I’m writing this now by giving you the shortest version of this month’s forecast. Much love, Jen

March is the Rabbit month (Mar. 5 – Apr. 4) and it is the season of spring or the Wood Element. The energy is robust and exciting. The theme around this time offers a sense of renewal, rebirth, expansion, and forward-moving momentum. Indeed, it’s an awesome time to go full speed ahead!

Did you know, in Chinese traditions, Mar. 5 denotes the day when all animals awake from their hibernation? In ancient times, villagers held ceremonies and prayed for protection against the ferocious White Tiger. In an attempt to curb the tiger from attacking, villagers brought raw duck eggs and pork as well as brown sugar as offerings.

Today, worship of the “Tiger God” is observed to protect them from being backstabbed by conniving characters. For this occasion, one might visit the temple to worship or slap their shoes on a cut-out of conniving individuals as part of a ceremony known as Da Xiao Ren.

Meaning of the Elements

This month is Yin Metal Rabbit 辛卯. The Yin Metal Heavenly Stem of the month will duplicate with the Heavenly Stem of the year as well. Therefore, you might say that the character of Yin Metal is at the forefront of this month’s theme.

Yin Metal is like that of a gem or something beautiful and shiny. But Yin Metal is also a sharp, metal dagger. Its characteristic is both fierce and cold. Therefore, I won’t be surprise to see that the energy of March will be more forceful and brutal, where one might be more aggressive with his or her thoughts, actions, and ideals. On the upside, you can leverage this energy to tackle your outstanding tasks or new endeavors with more discipline and precision.

Yin Metal Day Master Women: Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, Naomi Watts, Adriana Lima, Alicia Vikander, Grace Kelly, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lady Gaga, Orianthi, Pat Benatar, Gwyneth Paltrow, Amanda Peete, Sigourney Weaver, Teresa Palmer, Aishwarya Patel, etc.

Yin Metal Day Master Men: Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Daniel Craig, George W. Bush, Sylvester Stallone, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Eric Bana, Osama Bin Laden, John F. Kennedy, Daniel Day-Lewis, Heath Ledger, Jamie Foxx, Jason Mraz, Sadiq Khan, Yasser Arafat, etc.


March is your Nobleman month if:

  • You were born on a Yang Water 壬 Year (years ending in 2: 1962, 1982, etc.)
  • You were born on a Yang Water壬Day (you need your BaZi chart to know this)
  • You were born on a Yin Water 癸Year (years ending in 3: 1983, 1993, etc.)
  • You were born on a Yin Water 癸Day (you need your BaZi chart to know this

March is your Peach Blossom month if:

  • You were born in the Year of Tiger 寅 (1950, 1962, 1974, etc.)
  • You were born in the Year of Horse 午 (1954, 1966, 1978, etc.)
  • You were born in the Year of Dog 戌 (1958, 1970, 1982, etc.)
  • You were born on the Day of Tiger寅, Horse午, or Dog戌.

March is your Clash month if:

  • You were born on a Rooster 酉Year (1957, 1969, 1981, etc.)
  • You were born on a Rooster 酉Month (Sept. 8 – Oct. 8)
  • You were born on a Rooster 酉Day (more serious implications)
  • You were born on a Rooster 酉Hour (1700-1900 local time)

Carry the pendant of a jade Dog for protection this month.

March is your Relationship Penalty month if:

  • You were born on a Rat 子 Year (1960, 1972, 1984, etc.)
  • You were born on a Rat 子 Month (Dec. 7 – Jan. 5)
  • You were born on a Rat 子 Day (more serious implications)
  • You were born on a Rat 子 Hour (2300-0100 local time)

Carry the pendant of a jade Ox for protection this month. Moreover, try to “keep the peace” with family, friends, and colleagues. Misunderstandings, backstabbing, gossip, broken promises, and other relationship headaches can easily manifest this month. Do your due diligence before entering into a contract with new business partners or friends. Make sure you communicate your expectations clearly and have everything in writing, whenever possible.

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Feng Shui

This month, Star 4 takes the Center palace. Implement these cures for the month. Discard or re-energize the cure items from last month before using them again.

  • Northwest Sector (7,5) = 6 metal rod wind chime or Metal Element. Possible Metal-related issues can arise here including scandal, controversy, misunderstandings, and breathing organ issues related to the skin, nose, lungs, and mouth.
  • West Sector (8,6) = 3 bamboo stems in a clear glass vase or Wood Element. Legal trouble lurks so be careful with your driving (speeding ticket), taxes (extra IRA bill or audit), and signing of contracts.
  • Southeast Sector (5,3) = Red item or Fire Element. “Robbing money” energy is activated unless cured. Money outflow is expected so tighten up the wallet and read the terms before making big financial commitments.
  • East Sector (4,2) = 6 metal coins or Metal Element. Subdue the Sickness Star here straightaway or it disturb or disrupt the health of the female’s reproductive system or relationships between women.
  • Northeast Sector (9,7) = 3 bamboo stems in a clear glass vase or Wood Element. The Elements are in a conflicting or destructive relationship so this can provoke money problems, heart/lung issues, or potential scandal or arguments with a boss or someone with an authoritative figure (such as a policeman or a judge).
  • Center Palace (6,4) = Red item or Fire Element.

Do not activate the North Sector (2,9) or the Southwest Sector (3,1) because these Flying Star combinations are not helpful. Therefore, leave as-is.

However, you might be able to activate the South Sector (1,8) if and only if the base chart of your home is a positive influence. You’ll only know this if you’ve ever had a Feng Shui consultation done before. Strong money luck is visiting here. But do consult and confirm before activating this sector this month for you could create more harm than good. If, however, the base chart is supportive, then you can place a water feature in this Sector to enhance and stimulate the good star.

Your house Feng Shui should look similar to this:

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