BaZi Reading

What is BaZi?

about_baziBaZi is a unique system that can help uncover your Life Potential by analyzing the blueprint of your personal birth data.

BaZi, also commonly referred to as The Eight Characters or The 4 Pillars of Destiny, is the ancient Chinese Astrology used for destiny analysis. The 4 Pillars are composed of the year of birth, month, day, and hour. Each “pillar” holds two words, hence the 8 Characters.

This is essentially your cosmic blueprint – like a horoscope reading, but with a much more in-depth and personalized look at who you are and what your life will hold.

BaZi is also considered a sophisticated art of Chinese fortune telling based largely on the Chinese five-elements and its own variations of yin-yang. Everything in the world is made up of five basic components: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water – also commonly referred to as The Five Elements. And as members of nature, our bodies and destinies are also made up of these five things.

By analyzing the structure, compatibility, clashes, combinations, and interrelations, you can learn much more about your nature and characteristics, giving you a much deeper and more profound insight into all areas of your life, including managing and optimizing the ups and downs of your luck cycles.

Knowing all of this information about yourself can help you make better and more informed decisions when faced with certain life events or crossroads.

What will you gain from having your BaZi chart analyzed?

  • Assess Your Own Personality. Better understanding of yourself: why you are the way you are and why you do the things you do.
  • Learn Your Gifts. Gain a deeper and more profound understanding of your personal strengths and in-born talents.
  • Improve Relationships. Cultivate positive and meaningful relationships with the people in your life, including your spouse, parents, friends, relatives, children, and colleagues.
  • Manage Your Luck Cycles. BaZi helps to explain the most auspicious timing for important life decisions such as marriage, changing careers, moving houses, and traveling. It can help you plan for the year, harness new opportunities, and manage obstacles as they arise.

What is BaZi?