articles_horse14We finally meet the Horse on June 6th and I have so much to say about this month! But before I begin, there is a famous quote by Hafiz that I want to start with you:

Even after all this time,
The Sun never says to the Earth,
“You owe me.”
Look what happens with a love like that,
It lights up the whole sky.

And this, my friends, is the energy of the Horse 午 – in all its glory.

The Horse is the most powerful Fire Element of the 12 Animal System, embodying that of our Sun in the solar system. And because it represents the human heart (in Chinese Medicine), it relates to the emotions of love, passion, excitement, and enthusiasm. It is the epitome of human joy. That’s why the Chinese traditionally use the color red, a Fire Element, for all of their festivities and celebrations, including weddings.

We get to see plenty of important events this month in sports, entertainment, the stock market, and the energy & utility businesses. These are all related to the Fire Element. I’ll get to these areas a little later in my forecast.

In the meantime, we observe June to be an important month because it carries a “double” or duplicate energy for every aspect in life because, as you know, 2014 is also a Horse 午 year. With that said, the energy of the Horse will be magnified. Have you been paying attention? There’s so much going on, maybe not just in your own life, but in the world at large. As we transition to the peak of summer to an already out-of-balanced Fire year, it definitely won’t be a “boring” or quiet month.

Let’s jump right in…

The literal manifestation of Fire is everywhere. There are forest fires in California, Arizona, Alaska, and New Jersey, to name a few. And this is just in North America. There’s also the infamous “Great Fire of Valparaiso” in Chile that displaced more than 11,000 people. Wildfires also erupted in parts of Southwest China. The news just broke that a fire in a hospital in South Korea killed 21 people. South Korea President has a Fire Penalty this year. I have spoken about the influence of strong wind because Flying Star 4 resides in the Center position this year, representing the Wind Trigram. And interestingly enough, we are also seeing more “Firenado” phenomenon as it has taken somewhat of a bizarre spotlight this year.

articles_firenadoWhat is a Firenado? It happens when ground-level winds come in contact with fire and whip it into the air, creating a shocking spiral of spectacular bright red and orange. It’s both amazing and terrifying. That’s Mother Nature in her full power. And with the persistence and aggravation of the “dry” season, we could see more Fire-related catastrophes not just in nature, but also in mining, oil spill, and transportation such as ships, trains and rails, and buses.

So that’s nature’s part, what about the people?

As we inch closer to June, elementally speaking, it’s a wild one! The Wood Element of the year is totally dry, parched, and decaying. The strong Fire energy sucking whatever life is left, especially now that there is absolutely no water to nurture it back to health. There was a tiny, little bit of water in the Dragon 辰 month (April), but the strong Earth month pretty much killed it, too. In the meantime, we are not going to see a drop of water to control (or correct) the imbalance until we come to August. But Yang Water 壬 is hidden in the Monkey 申month. Therefore, the strength of the Water Element will not be useful until the winter season, starting in November.

Until then, the dying Wood, representing the Head in Chinese Medicine, is lacking wisdom, perspective, and intelligence, drawing out the negative aspect of the Fire instead. That’s why we are witnessing some very harsh realities related to the human behavior: anger, frustration, and rebellion. People seem so hot headed and emotional lately. There hasn’t been much “cooling off” with various civil wars, human riots and protests, and domestic shootings around the globe; and they tend to grace our conscious moments, now more than ever.

Did you know in the USA alone, there has been 82 mass shootings of four people or more, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, since the solar calendar year started on Feb. 5th, including the recent tragedy in California? While I’m not here to debate about the political conundrum of gun control, I am merely explaining why these events are happening at a more frequent and rapid pace as they relate to the imbalance of the Chinese Five Elements.

People ask, “What the heck is going on?”

The basic, most elementary definition of Yin and Yang means there are always two sides to everything. And so, with joy there’s suffering. With compassion, there’s anger. With gain, there’s loss. With peace, there’s war. When the elements are, to put it bluntly, out-of-whack, like this year, you see extremes. That’s why we all long to strive for balance – the key to human harmony. In Chinese Metaphysics, imbalanced is defined as having too much (in abundance) or too little (lacking). Too much or too little of anything is never a good thing.

And so with June, there is SO. MUCH. FIRE.

The month is Yang Metal Horse 庚午. Metal on top of Fire is in a conquering or destructive relationship; therefore, not a harmonious one. But the Metal quality is a noble one, often described as loyal, altruistic, charitable, and heroic. Could we see people do more passionate things? We certainly hope so. Perhaps with the strong sentiment to fight, there is also a huge movement to strive for peace. Unfortunately, with the stubbornness of the Yang Wood 甲 year, it is proving difficult to find a middle ground, and negotiations to compromise have been difficult.

At this writing, for instance, the King of Thailand has officially appointed the country’s army chief, General Prayuth, to impose Martial Law. The General warned he would have no choice but to use force if political protests continue. The country’s stability remains shaky, especially after the removal of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra in May (who is strong Yang Fire 丙 with Horse 午 penalty).

In addition, after more than 120 days of protest, the civil unrest in Venezuela is ongoing. However, President Nicolas Maduro will be in his TRIPLE Nobleman luck with the month of June. He could stay in power long enough to see this protest through. Let’s hope it gets resolved sooner rather than later, and peacefully.

Several world leaders born in the year 1948 will experience a double clash, or we often term it: “Offending the Duke.” Their birth year of Rat 子 clashes with the Horse 午. This goes the same for those born in 1954, creating a Horse year TRIPLE self-penalty!

Prince Harry, for example, will have a triple clash. He was born in the Year and Day of Rat 子 and in his current 10-year luck of Rat 子. Yikes. If he’s out there listening to Feng Shui by Jen, maybe he’d like to carry a Goat pendant and keep his activities to routines and less risky business. That means, don’t go to battle or fly an airplane!

Note: Please do not panic if you were born in the years of Horse or Rat. Some BaZi charts do just fine with a clash or penalty because Fire is a favorable element. The Four Pillars shared here have been carefully analyzed, that’s why I’m comfortable concluding that the Horse month will be a challenge. Remember, everyone’s BaZi chart is unique and so the influence will also vary. So if you want to know your BaZi chart more intimately, please contact me for a full analysis.

I’d like to end this portion of the forecast on a beautiful quote, to give hope for those closely involved, as well as for us who are witnessing it from afar, that the violence, pain, and injustice of human suffering will end. So that we all can live a little freer and more united.

“There’s no better time than now to have a moral and civic backbone, to have a moral and civic true north – this is a tremendous opportunity for you to be heroic. Morally-upstanding. Helpful. Almost boy scout-like. Presidential. Altruistic.” – Henry Young

As for us “normal” folks, yes, the Horse 午 clashes with the Rat 子, enticing you to move. The energy is not a subtle one, either. So it won’t feel like a time to just sit around and be lazy with your routines. Random or unexpected things will pop up. It might even make you feel a bit irritated with the one-off busy-ness of things. If you receive an invitation to a professional or social event, just go. It’s best to “move” outside your comfort zone, take that trip out of town, and change something about your physical scenery to satisfy the clash.

The Horse 午 is also a time for romance. The Peach Blossom energy of the Horse 午 makes you extra attractive and appealing (than you already are, of course!). The attention is on you. The Horse 午 promotes a chance encounter for a love affair. Furthermore, the Horse 午 combines with the Goat 未. If you have a Goat 未 in your Day Master (House of Spouse), you might feel extra “lovie” with your significant other. The double combine means it’s a harmonious time with your partner. June (and 2014) could be a great time to get married or find a new mate if you’re single. If that doesn’t interest you, it’s also a great time to work on yourself. The combine relation is harmonious and positive, and it should feel really nice.

But this Flower of Romance doesn’t always have to be about an intimate relation. It is also related to developing positive relationships with people. That’s why, no matter your intention, whether you are looking for a new love, to deepen an existing one, or to meet new friends, use the energy of the Horse to support you. If you’re in business, this is a great time to launch that product/service, do more workshops, speak in public, get your face out there, be involved in the community and network, etc. People will listen. People will see you.

So who are the Peach Blossom-ers? It applies to those born in the Year and Day of Snake 巳, Rooster 酉, and Ox 丑. So, it’s not the time to feel shy or reserved. Get out there and do something positive!

Next, the lucky bunches born in the Year and Day of Yin Metal 辛 Heavenly Stem will have a double or duplicate Nobleman luck. What an auspicious time! My dear teacher Grand Master Raymond Lo said to me, “Jen, don’t waste it.” That means, go for it!

Understanding how the Elements interact with our daily lives help us align our behaviors so we can optimize the positive and manage the negative. Take advantage of the Horse 午 month to really PUSH for something you’ve always wanted to do or try. Helpful people abound! In Chinese Metaphysics, the Nobleman is termed “auspicious” because it is deemed the most positive kind of energy. That’s why in Chinese tradition, important life events such as wedding, contract signing, business grand openings, etc. are carefully selected on a Nobleman day.

In case you need further proof why the Nobleman is a BIG DEAL. Let me give you some dramatic examples.

  • Captain Richard Philips was rescued from his Somali kidnappers on his Nobleman day of Pig 亥. Check out the movie “Captain Philips”.
  • Former US Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell was rescued from the Afghan terrains on his Nobleman day of Pig 亥. Check out the movie “Lone Survivor”.
  • Nelson Mandela was released from his 27-years captivity on his Nobleman day of Goat 未.
  • I walked away uninjured from what would have been a horrible car accident on my Nobleman day of Goat 未.

It’s rare to have a double Nobleman luck, so if you’ve got it, use it!

Moving on to the world of finance…

Sixty months ago in June 2009 (also Yang Metal Horse 庚午 month), the National Bureau of Economic Research officially announced the end of the US recession. Because Fire is also related to optimism, finally, we will see the stock market gain in the right direction. When investors feel more confident, they spend money. If you’re active in the market, you’ll notice it has become an expensive place again – prices are inflated. While the economy at large is mediocre, corporate profits are relatively strong, and interest rates are still low. So we definitely could see a forward and positive momentum in the right direction.

The FIFA World Cup is finally here, and many are in countdown mode. The Fire, amazing energy for sports-related events, where human emotions are also at their peak: excitement, adrenaline, passion, and action. Interestingly, the World Cup falls on June 12th and June 13, Yang Wood Tiger 甲寅 and Yin Wood Rabbit 乙卯 days, respectively. Both are STRONG Wood days to support the Fire month!

June is also a huge month in politics. The elections take place in various countries like Kosovo, Colombia, Georgia, Nigeria, and Libya. In Ukraine, the presidential runoff takes place on June 15th… funny, also a Yin Fire Snake 丁巳 day. Fire, Fire, Fire!

At this writing, billionaire Petro Poroshenko declared victory. Mr. Poroshenko is strong Yin Water 癸, so the strong Fire year will be successful. Regardless, 2014 is also his Peach Blossom. A star is born? Well, at the very least, we will definitely be seeing more of him in the coming months.

Last month I talked about Grand Master Raymond Lo’s October 2013 annual prediction for 2014 regarding air and sea accidents. And how can we forget about Malaysian Airlines 370 and the South Korea Ferry? Five years ago, we saw a number of tragic subway and freight train accidents. Could there be more? I don’t doubt it. Accidents (clash) catching fire (Fire).

Forbes recently published a cool article featuring 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 who are in the solar energy business. Amazing bunch. As we see more and more progressive (and aggressive) innovations, especially coming from the fresh eyes of the “Gen Y” group, we could see more development for sustainability, and this is a great year for that!

Speaking of the environment, President Obama is in the spotlight on climate talks. It is no surprise to see how much conversation about the environment is going on right now. Consistent with Grand Master Lo’s 2014 prediction, Yang Wood Horse 甲午 Year with Wood on top represents the textile, clothing, magazines, books, AND environmental industries. He cautioned, “Wood Horse Year may bring more serious environmental disaster.” At this writing, Geneva, Switzerland just published a daunting report indicating that the Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels reached a dangerous level of 400 parts per million (cpm). In layman’s term, this is an ominous threshold for climate change recorded in the first time in human history! The concentrations of the heat-trapping gas raise risks of more heat waves and droughts. Fire! Dry Wood! No Water!

In the matters of the health, Metal is under strong attack, related to the lungs and breathing organs. Flu-like diseases with Flying Star 4 in the Center makes this very possible.

If you’re in the beauty or dermatology business, June might be a good month to push for the ladies to come in for facials. Skin-related irritations, like acne, could be more common because Metal is also related to the human skin.

The key here for balance is to incorporate the Water element. While some people like to use color in their fashion, nothing beats what you put INSIDE your body. Therefore, go with healthy fats and oils like omega-3, flaxseed oils, sesame oil, fish, and other innately “cooling” foods (not necessarily temperature) such as fruits (apple, kiwi, grapefruit, pear), vegetables (bamboo shoots, asparagus, celery, cucumber, eggplant, green leafy, mushrooms, tomato), grains, and teas (chrysanthemum, peppermint, green). Cooling foods help clear out the heat and toxins, calming the blood (Fire) and nourishing the Yin.

Feng Shui Flying Star 4 is in the Center this month. Uh-oh. More wind-fire disasters? I’m thinking in Arizona we will start to see more dust storms. In fact, New Mexico just suffered 6 deaths due to a major dust storm on May 22nd – Horse (Fire) Year, Snake (Fire) Month, Snake (Fire) Day. Fire, Fire, Fire!

A little relief might be felt in countries such as Central China and the Middle East now that Misfortune Star 5 has moved away from the Center. It now resides in the Northwest.

In June, the Month Flying Star positions are exactly the same as the Year. If you’re already following the Feng Shui recommendations for 2014, there’s nothing else for you to do. When we have duplicate Flying Stars like this upcoming month, it doesn’t mean you have to “double” your efforts in curing the bad stars, like hanging two 6-metal rod wind chimes or placing two 6-metal coins. It just reinforces the idea of avoiding the areas where the bad stars reside.

Last month, I talked about MERS and it definitely took center stage in May. Since its first outbreak, 200 people have died, and the virus has made its way outside of the Middle East. Now, they’re testing the virus on cats and dogs! But as Flying Star 5 is moving away from the Center, there are fewer cases of MERS reported in the Middle East. Except, with Flying Star 4 in the Center (and 4 represents the Rooster), we could still see more viral cases, and perhaps more persistent in regions outside of the Middle East.

With that said, Sickness Star 2 is in the East. It will be interesting to see what develops here in countries like Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, North and South Korea. If your bedroom is located here, I highly recommend that you sleep somewhere else in your home. Stay away from the Northwest sector with double 5-5. YIKES. So if you don’t already, please hang a 6-metal rod wind chime in the Northwest sector and 6-metal coins in the East sector.

Note: Did you know on June 6, 2014 when we shift into the Horse month, the “Day” Flying Star also duplicates the same position as the Month and Year? So that’s THREE 5’s in the Northwest sector and THREE 2’s in the East sector. We might have to pay attention to the Four Pillars of the Day (Yang Earth Monkey 戊申) and be on the lookout for the news.

On a positive note, double prosperity luck is in the South, Northeast, and North sectors. For your homes and offices, activate Star 9 in the South by placing Fire and Wood elements. For Star 8 in the Northeast, place more Fire elements. And as for Star 1 in the North, add more Metal and Water. If your property faces any one of these directions, WOW! Lucky you. June should be a great month for money prospect.

Finally, I recently posted this on Facebook that I think is important to reiterate since the energy of 2014 has been quite intense. And so…

For those who understand how the Five Elements combine and interact in an intimate way, it is understood that we learn it not to be controlled by it, or to create fear and pain, but the power in learning it is to help us understand why things happen, and to put perspective on the timing of these events, and to manage our personal reactions and behaviors toward the influences that are sometimes out of our control.

Fun facts: Did you know, there is a new contender for the tallest building – the Sky City One – due for completion this month in Changsha, China? At 838m, it is said to be 10m taller than the current holder of that title – Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. I was there in April. It was quite the sight! Yang Wood Horse 甲午 year is a great year for cutting-edge innovations. This, no doubt, is one of them!

To check out my previous forecasts, you can visit my website under “Articles” or in the “Notes” section on Facebook.