The Season of Rest

I know it’s hard to believe that the season is calling for us to hibernate, detach, slow down, and rest, especially when our modern society runs on “cray” during this time with the looming holiday buzz, end-of-the-year preps, and so much running around.

Despite what the world demands, nature remains the same with her rhythm. The critical point is how do we mimic and instill that same natural Yin energy to our very unnatural Yang environment? That’s the real work, my friends.

It’s no wonder when January rolls around, we’re absolutely exhausted, coupled with the anxiety to get the year “right” with resolutions and new year shenanigans. Well, I’m here to remind you that while January, in the Gregorian calendar, marks the beginning of the new year, in the Solar calendar system (where we follow the cycles of the seasons), January really means the 12th and final month of the previous year still.

Energetically speaking, January is not the most ideal time to be starting or launching new endeavors when the Ox month represents the “last days of winter.” Spring arrives on Feb. 4th which is also when the Dragon Year begins. So, as we move through this Winter season with the Pig month (November), come up with creative ways to imitate the act of hibernation in your very busy life.

Examples like going to bed an hour earlier, inviting friends over for dinner at home rather than meeting out in a noisy crowd, keeping your work and home environment quieter versus blasting loud music, unplugging from electronics by dinner time, replacing television time with reading a book, allotting more time for prayer and meditation, and spending more quality, intimate time with a few people rather than with a large social circle, etc. Use this time to let your mind, body, spirit restore and revitalize so your cup is overflowing once spring rolls around. What’s more, get your spouse and kids to buy into the idea and make it a family affair!

Be extra mindful and avoid the “self-penalty” mindset that swirls in November with a tendency to sabotage our good works. Things like overworking, worrying, or entertaining FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) thoughts. Trust me, friends, you’re not missing out on anything when you pause. In fact, you’re gaining so much more by allowing the energy to settle and recalibrateso you can take better care of yourself during the holiday season!