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2020 Chinese New Year Talk – Video

digital video recording

Every year the energy changes and it will affect your home and your life. For example, if you were born in year of the Horse (2014, 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, etc.), you can anticipate a more dynamic 2020, which could greatly impact your personal and professional life. Join us for this 7th annual talk and you’ll get a preview to what the 2020 Year of the Metal Rat has in store for you, so you can plan ahead and navigate the year with success!

Feng Shui: Preparing Your Home for the Summer Season | Video

Digital Recording | Originally Recorded April 9, 2020

This 60-minute presentation will be conducted via Zoom Webinar. Master Jen Stone will explain what Flying Star Feng Shui is and how to use this technique to prepare your home or office spaces for the upcoming summer season. Tips on how and where to activate the positive qi and neutralize negative qi as it relates to the 2020 Year of the Metal Rat.


BaZi and the Symbolic Stars | Webinar

Digital Recording | Originally Recorded April 29, 2020

BaZi is a deep and complex discipline. In this 60-minute presentation, Master Jen Stone will dissect a specific topic as it relates to a person’s BaZi birth chart. This webinar will cover the two symbolic stars (Nobleman and Peach Blossom) responsible for creating events and new experiences and tips on how to use it to your benefit and advantage.


5-Day Feng Shui Training – Scottsdale

June 16-20, 2020 | Scottsdale, AZ

Students will be in class during the first four days learning and reviewing many topics ranging from the origin, history and background, various schools and styles of Feng Shui, as well as debunking and clarifying popular western myths. On the final day, we will take the class outside and practice performing a “real” Feng Shui exercise on a residential and commercial space, giving students an opportunity to piece all the steps together while being carefully guided.


5-Day BaZi Training – Online

October 14-18 | Online – UK & EU Participants Only

5-Day BaZi Practitioners Training Program is a formal certification program under the prestigious Raymond Lo School of Feng Shui & Destiny will be conducted remotely via Zoom LIVE on October 14-18. This program will be led by Grand Master Raymond Lo’s USA representative and IFSA Accredited Feng Shui Master Jen Stone, and is endorsed by the International Feng Shui Association. The program is open to all levels, no previous experience necessary. In lieu of teaching the course in person in London, UK, this course is offered to students residing in the United Kingdom (UK) and European Union (EU) only. Seats are limited.