When to Consult

People often ask me: “When is the best time to do Feng Shui?” My answer is simple: ANYTIME!

The beauty of Feng Shui is that you can apply it anytime, anywhere, no matter what life circumstances you are going through, or how new or seasoned you are to its philosophy.

The key aspect of Feng Shui is this: It is embraced by people who are looking to make a positive change in their lives.

If you are thinking about having a consultation done, here are some common examples of when Feng Shui can benefit you:

When You’re Changing Your Living Space

  • You are moving into a new place, such as a home, a rental, an office or retail space.
  • You are building a new house or condominium.
  • You are remodeling your existing home or office space.
  • You are purchasing a new place.
  • You are preparing to sell your home.
  • You are merging homes because you’re moving in together with a partner or getting married.

When Your Relationship (With Yourself or Another) Changes

  • There has been a death with a family member.
  • You recently got divorced or had a break-up.
  • You need some special self-healing or self-care.
  • You are stressed and want to restore balance.
  • You want to attract new love or strengthen a current relationship.
  • You want to invite new friends, mentors, clients, partners, and teachers into your life.
  • You are surrounded by clutter that is weighing you down.
  • Your space is chaotic and you need to feel grounded again.
  • You are looking for fresh direction on achieving and realizing your goals and dreams.

When You Need a Change in Your Career and/or Finances

  • You feel “stuck” in your career.
  • You want to increase your cash flow or attract more business opportunities.
  • You want a promotion or to take your career or business endeavors to the next level.
  • You are in a creative rut.
  • You are experiencing a sudden bout of money “going out the door.”

When Your Health and Family Situation is in Flux

  • You want to have a baby.
  • You are struggling with new or ongoing health issues.
  • You are suffering from depression.
  • You often feel tired or experience lack of energy.
  • You are unmotivated to care for others or for yourself.

This article is an excerpt from Jen’s book, The First Guidebook for Feng Shui Enthusiasts, available for on Amazon.com.

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