The First Guidebook for Feng Shui Enthusiasts

bookIntroduce yourself (or a friend) to the fascinating world of Classical Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics. This fun, comprehensive book demystifies the different schools of Feng Shui, concepts like the Five Elements, Qi, and Yin and Yang, and covers basic principles of Forms, Eight Mansion, and Flying Star Feng Shui. It also debunks common Western myths, misconceptions, and “new age” ideas around this authentic, ancient Eastern practice. Jen includes many practical examples that are easy for anyone to follow, appreciate, and apply.

This book is great for first-timers and professionals alike and includes a foreword by world-renowned Feng Shui Grand Master Raymond Lo of Hong Kong.

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“Today I am very glad to endorse her first book on Feng Shui. It is a very comprehensive introduction to the subject for people who are enthusiastic in understanding and learning more about this profound ancient Chinese knowledge. I find her style of writing to be very clear, logical, charming, and refreshing. Her approach to this knowledge is very natural and easy, like breathing in fresh air. I believe Jen’s great talent in writing helps a lot in explaining this complicated knowledge in Feng Shui, and her pleasant and sincere style makes this book comfortable to read and easy to follow.” – Grand Master Raymond Lo.

The First Guidebook for Feng Shui Enthusiasts (in French)

Book in FrenchIn 2015, IFS Edition in Brussels, Belgium translated and published Jen’s book in French. To get a copy of the French version, please place your order HERE.








Other Writing in Progress

Her rise to popularity in the Classical Feng Shui community has brought a demand for education and authentic truth in the western world. Currently, Jen is working on her second book, set to be released in early 2017, and a third book to be co-authored with Grand Master Raymond Lo. Stay tuned for more information!


“This book steps you through the basics in such a concise way. It’s a must have if you are interested in learning about Traditional Feng Shui or need a refresher. I really love the layout of the book, it is easy to read and understand. This is a resource that will be in your library for years to come!” – K. Rhoades, Florida

“This book is like receiving a treasure. Once you open it you can find wealth of information that Jen shares with us, and she does it with passion and a lot of experience. She does a great job explaining complex subjects in a very simple and creative way. This allows a fluid and fun reading experience even though Spanish is my native language. Great book to start and great for future reference in Feng Shui practice!” – S. Li Fallas, Costa Rica

“I’ve been a fan of feng shui for many years but find most authentic books are very complicated. This one is really refreshing, and very easy to read. I read through it in less than 2 days and got so much clarity on the background and complexity of feng shui! It’s a breeze to read, with a tad of humor, very personable and welcoming for anyone who is interested in feng shui. It’s a great book to start with for sure! Definitely get one if you are ever curious about true feng shui!” – Melanie Michelson, New York

“Feng Shui can be a very confusing subject with many different schools and contradicting information, and the books are either too technical, complicated or too shallow and misleading. Jen’s book is the light in the heavy mist, it is a real guide which explains the complexity of the subject in a very friendly and logical language. I have pleasant time enjoy reading this book and sure I gain a clear view of what feng shui is about, how come there are diversified practices and what are the essential knowledge we should pay attention. Is truly the “First Guidebook” for anyone who cares to pursue the true knowledge of this fascinating ancient wisdom.” – Lo Hang Lap, China

“The book is very easy to read and follow. It doesn’t get very deep into any of the technical subjects but it is definitely a great starter book. For me personally it cleared a lot of my own questions I had from learning about feng shui casually over some years. I think this is a great first book as a gift for friends and students that are starting out in learning about feng shui. I wish I had this a few years ago and maybe then I would have known which “school” of feng shui to follow and saved me from being so confused!” – Chandra N., Oregon