Private Events

Looking for a unique and personalized experience for your next group get together? Whether you are organizing a private event for friends, family, couples, entrepreneurs, or corporate executives, BaZi offers a fun way to bring out curiosity and meaningful conversations for everyone!

Corporate Team Building

Description: BaZi gives insight into how we communicate and work well with each other, including understanding our personality, role, responsibility, strengths, and professional purpose especially within a team dynamic.

Mastermind Groups (Small Business Owners, Industry Specialists)

Description: BaZi helps to clarify one’s direction for launching a business for new and experienced entrepreneurs and anyone who is interested in elevating their game in the world of business, including understanding the best time to launch new products/services, scale, merge, collaborate, or pivot.

Themed Retreats (Grief & Healing, Spiritual, Mindfulness & Wellness)

Description: BaZi is a powerful tool for healing and expanding the mind, body, and spirit for the human experience, including providing meaningful directions on how to cooperate with the season of life (the ups and downs, birth and death), how to best support the body (via Chinese Medicine concepts), and how to form new perspectives amid life’s messy trials and challenges.

Themed Parties (Birthday, Bachelorette, Galentine)

Description: BaZi can boost the group’s joyful gathering with humor and inspirational, real-life BaZi examples and storytelling to: (i) shift one’s perspective to see that all things are connected and interconnected, (ii) elevate one’s curiosity to learn from the wisdom of the Chinese Five Elements, and (iii) how to incorporate BaZi into the everyday modern life.

Maximum Participants: No more than 20. These private events are designed for more intimate gatherings. For larger groups, Feng Shui by Jen® can be engaged as a Keynote Speaker. However, individual BaZi offerings for participants may not be available.

Example Formats: You can choose from the following format. Please inquire to discuss other options to tailor the talk to your group’s specificities. All group events will include the following:

  1. Brief introduction on the history and purpose of BaZi.
  2. Overview theme of the year or season, depending on the time.
  3. Topic will be emphasized based on the group’s setting. E.g., Galentine’s might focus on the energy of Love and “Peach Blossom.” Mastermind’s might focus on “Nobleman,” which highlights auspicious timing for new projects and partnerships. Themed Retreats might focus on the cycle of birth and death, specifically for healing and spiritual works.

Individual Readings: There are different options available for individual readings in private group events. Fees will vary.

  1. 5 to 10 minutes of “speed reading” for each participant in an open group setting. This is more appropriate for Mastermind classes and themed celebratory parties for group sharing.
  2. 15 minutes of private reading (1:1). This is ideal for events that require more privacy.
  3. Full 60-minute reading. This is ideal for team building, healing, and mastermind events where each participant receives a full and comprehensive 1:1 reading. For best results, these private readings should take place prior to the event.

What’s Included:

  • A copy of your Chinese BaZi Chart (with English translations).
  • Individual Reading (brief or full depending on the Facilitator’s request – see above).
  • $50 Gift Card for your 60-minute BaZi Session.

Fees: Flat Fee of $399 + Size of the Group + Type of Event + Travel (if outside of Scottsdale-metro). Please call to inquire.