Feng Shui and Toilets

In Western Feng Shui, you’ll commonly hear things like this: “Keep the toilet lid down or money goes down the toilet!”

I find the relationship between Feng Shui and toilets to be one of the most celebrated misconceptions about Feng Shui. And to be honest with you, it is a load of crap! What is it about the toilet talk in Feng Shui?

Well I hope to flush out (ha!) some misunderstandings and offer up some clarifications and logical explanations.

First of all, you won’t find anywhere in the classic texts that talk about keeping your toilet seat cover down for money prosperity.

Did you know some countries today do not even have toilet seat covers (they pee in a hole)? In that case, does that mean those homes are doomed?

Unfortunately, keeping the toilet seat cover down has been given widespread recognition as a typical Feng Shui recommendation. Feng Shui is not that superficial, I promise!

The pooper is definitely not the prettiest sight, I admit. Nobody likes to see what’s in the commode. So sure, having a toilet face your bed or any other spot that is directly visible from important rooms in the house is not necessarily a dream. It doesn’t feel good because it looks out of place, but it isn’t going to be the source or culprit to all your money woes. Besides, does it make sense to rely solely on the toilets in your home or office for your money prosperity?

In practice, I do not even pay attention to the toilet seat covers or take inventory in my Feng Shui notes if they were up or down. In fact, I’ve actually seen residences and businesses thrive just fine with their toilet lids up! And hey, some bachelor men, especially, like to keep theirs “at the ready.”

So why is the money prosperity still strong with these homes despite the seat cover staying up?

Let’s get real. Toilet seat cover up or down is a personal preference, like hanging your favorite picture. It has nothing to do with Feng Shui. Besides, wet rooms such as toilets, bathrooms, and laundry rooms are “downgrade” rooms in Feng Shui. So it doesn’t really matter if the lids are up or down.

What we do care is the location of the bathroom in the home and the abstract energies like Flying Stars occupying it. That’s why, in Flying Star Feng Shui, we don’t mind seeing negative and/or faded energy stars in these areas, and we don’t bother to cure them since these stars are already located in non-important spaces.

Grand Master Raymond Lo once said it is not the Feng Shui Master’s job to keep up with the mundane details of a home, like clearing clutter or telling you to keep the toilet seat cover down. It is his or her job, however, to accurately assess the physical and abstract energies of the space using the techniques under Forms and Compass.

In conclusion, you have permission to leave your toilet seat up if you like and I promise you it won’t cause you any money harm. Happy Loo!

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