articles_tigerFebWelcome to the Year of the Wood Horse 甲午! So far, the shift in energy is a jolting and dynamic one… and what a fiery start to the New Year! On February 4th, we enter the month of Yang Fire Tiger 丙寅, representing an exceptionally strong Fire month to an already strong Fire year ahead.

Yang Fire 丙 is often compared to our Sun in the solar system. It is big, bright, and warm, with an overreaching capacity that touches everything and everyone on Earth. It never tires to emit light and give us energy to engage in both work and play. I often say the Sun doesn’t know how to compartmentalize its gifts. A perpetual “giver,” it never discriminates, always shining its bright energy in a warm and sunshiny embrace.

Fire in the Five Elements system also represents happiness. That’s why the Chinese use the color red for celebrations as it promotes the feeling of optimism. With the strong Fire energy of the month and the Horse 午 year, we can expect to see positive economic and stock market recovery – an up turn – as it will stimulate investor confidence and money spending.

February also marks the official arrival of Spring. (Goodbye wintery wonderful!)

The new season transforms our environment and our bodies to come alive again.

Take the time to notice the subtle changes in your senses, your mind, your taste, your behaviors, your body, as well as the people and nature all around you. This month is a really great time to start fresh, revisit neglected to-do lists, adjust old habits, nurture new hobbies, set goals, make new dreams, declutter, clean your home, and have fun! It is a busy, energizing month!

Because the Tiger 寅 is also a Yang Wood 甲 Element like the year 2014, it carries the Traveling Horse energy to those born in the Day or Year of Monkey 申, Rat 子, and Dragon 辰. You can expect many chances to move around or travel this month. This means, the Elements are supporting you to make positive changes in your life. So, fear not! Go ahead and try new things or go after the things you’ve always wanted to do and experience!

If you are looking to start something new or work with people, the Tiger 寅 is a Nobleman to those born on the Day or Year with Yin Metal 辛. You can expect it to be a smooth transition, with many chances to meet helpful people and encounter exciting new opportunities. Be open-minded and perceptive in all of your encounters.

The Yang Fire Tiger 丙寅 combo is also a “Red Charm” quality. Women born with this trait are regarded as exceptionally stunning and sexually appealing. No doubt with Valentine’s Day landing in February, I won’t be surprise to see more couples get engaged or new romantic relationships blooming. If you are a woman with Day Master Yin Metal Pig 辛亥, this month is a total combine with a Man. Love is in the air! If you’re single, you will have a chance to meet a man. If you’re in love, expect your encounters to be sweeter and extra special. It’s a great time to get romantic and flirty!

On the other hand, if you were born on the day of the Monkey 申, the clash between the Tiger 寅 and Monkey 申 will create a slight disturbance in the House of Spouse. This tension is temporary. Use this as an opportunity to travel or endeavor in solo projects independent from your honey.

The Tiger 寅 is a land animal buddy to the Snake 巳 and Monkey 申, but its essence brings about a different kind of awe-inspiring beauty. It is a sensual and passionate yet powerful creature; at the same time also unpredictable, impulsive, and intense. Although the energy brings passion, love, joy, and a sense of “coming-together,” we must also be aware of the flip side. This means people can also experience strong emotional aggressions, such as agitation, hot headedness, and frustration. Beware of flared tempers and impulsive actions with your words, thoughts, and behaviors. Better take a long, deep breath before you react strongly to your circumstances.

Yang Fire 丙 sitting on Tiger 寅 represents a productive relationship in the Five Elements Cycle that is generally harmonious. However, the relationship produces a very strong Fire energy to an already strong Fire year. With so much Fire, the imbalance can cause for more Fire-related disasters, including forest fires, fierce fighting, shootings, bombings, and explosions. Five years ago (or the previous 60 cycles), Yang Fire Tiger Month 丙寅 appeared in 2009 and there were many ongoing conflicts that involved fighting, including the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Colombian Civil War, and the Communist and Islamic Insurgency in the Philippines, to name a few.

One notable fire-related disaster occurred on Feb. 7, 2009 with the Black Saturday Bushfire in Victoria, Australia, marking it one of the worst wildfires in Australian history. It recorded as many as 400 wildfires, 78 communities were affected, 173 lives were lost, and over 2,000 homes were destroyed. It is estimated that the fires caused over $1 billion worth of damage.

In the matters of the health, Fire represents the heart and blood circulation. Take notice of any inflammations in the body, including any feelings of stress and anxiety. Incorporate cooling energy of the Water Element, such as fish, omega-3 supplements, salads, and fruits, and other techniques that support the kidneys. The Water Element will also strengthen the Wood Element, which directly impacts the liver, spine, head, and limbs.

If your Day Master is already Strong Fire, it is best to stick to routines and conserve your energy.

Feng Shui Flying Star 8 is in the Center this month. It is best to place 6 metal coins in the NE corner of the house and avoid Star 5 in the SW. If the SW side of your space cannot be avoided, then it is best to hang a 6-rod metal wind chime to dissolve this Misfortune Star.

If you are pursuing academic or creative writing endeavors for school or business, relocate your workstation in the West corner where positive Stars 1,6 are located. The North corner also supports Intelligence with positive Stars 4,9. Both locations are ideal for nurturing critical thinking and creativity.

Prosperous Star 8 is located in the Center. If this is an active (Yang) space like your living room or home office, tap into this positive energy by spending more time in these areas. If your bedroom (Yin) is located here, sleep and rest may be temporarily disturbed.

Take care of Stars 5,9 in the NW and 2,7 in the NE as these locations are more susceptible to fire disasters; Stars 2,6 in the East means danger of breathing organ sickness, such as the Bird Flu alarm in Eastern China; Stars 4,8 in the Center and 3,8 in the South relate to the health and welfare of young children; Stars 3,7 in the SE area will experience more conflicts that may be difficult to resolve, such as those in Thailand.

Fun facts: Famous people born in the year of Yang Fire Tiger 丙寅 include Singers Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, and Anthony Bennett; Hollywood actresses Lindsey Lohan, Megan Fox, Marilyn Monroe, and the Olson Twins (Mary Kate & Ashley); Olympian Usain Bolt, British Royalty Queen Elizabeth II, Playboy Entrepreneur Hugh Hefner, and Author Harper Lee (“To Kill a Mockingbird”).

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