With my work in Chinese Metaphysics, I have always revered in the ways that the Ancient Chinese have observed and appreciated the changing of the seasons through the philosophy of the Five Elements. It not only explains a wide array of phenomena, from cosmic cycles to the interaction and relationship between the body’s internal organs and mental psyche, but it also helps us manage and understand how to grow and flow with the shifts in our bodies and physical surroundings.

Spring is a Wood Element and is often compared to a tree. Elementally speaking, Wood represents the beginning of everything – literally the birth of a new cycle.

Not only can we observe the aliveness of nature all around us, we too, as members of nature, experience this birthing cycle within us. When we get what we need from nature, we flourish. And when we are flourishing, we mature, expand, and thrive. That’s why a person can often be seen just like a tree – a true embodiment of life.

To fully embrace the symbolic meaning of the upcoming spring season, here are some tips you can do to live in harmony with the Wood Element.

• Move and stretch the body mindfully.
• Strengthen the mind by fueling it with positive thinking.
• Let go of the “old” that no longer serves you.
• Spring clean and declutter your home.
• As always, be grateful.