BaZi Talk: Jeremy Renner

I recently caught an interview of Jeremy Renner, who was showing significant improvement from his terrible accident that occurred in the early morning of Jan. 1. I was impressed by his resilience and resolve to get better. It’s no wonder. For a Yang Water 壬 person born with the Dog-Dragon 戌辰 sign combination, it’s not a surprise to see just how special he is. Similar to Bruce Lee, this “Gate to Heaven and Hell” trait is the epitome of true strength, intuition, and power.

Just shy of his 52nd birthday, the accident occurred on the day of his Earth Penalty and Clash – the toughest Elemental combination energetically for anyone.

This string brings about overwhelming discomfort and hardship, often described as “cancer festering.” We’ve seen similar incidences that, unfortunately, have taken the lives of Princess Diana, Kobe Bryant, Jacqueline Kennedy, Robin Williams, etc. And brought on significant pain and trauma to the likes of Monica Lewinsky, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Amanda Knox, Malala Yousafzai, etc.

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The Earth Penalty & Clash combination is not for the faint of heart. 

And yet, the Avenger star survived. When paramedics arrived, it was in the Hour of the Snake, his Nobleman. That might have just been enough to get him the help he needed to overcome this ordeal. Thankfully, entering into the Year of the Rabbit is also his Nobleman Year – a fantastic time to get all the assistance from both his Earthly and Heavenly Angels! I wouldn’t count on his retirement to be permanent!

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