The Benefits of Using Feng Shui in Business

“Today many business people realize the importance of apply Feng Shui for prosperity. Therefore more people engage Feng Shui services when they choose their new offices and use Feng Shui design to allocate different functions in their offices. In addition, more big development projects apply Feng Shui designs from the beginning – including site selection, location of buildings, interior design and decorations.” – Grand Master Raymond Lo


Feng Shui for Businesses is more than just assessing the commanding position of your desk and clearing clutter. It is also about understanding the abstract energies of the space. A comprehensive Business Feng Shui assessment examines the timing of these influences, the people occupying the space (and understanding how they will respond to these influences), as well as the energy natal chart of the office building. This is Classical Feng Shui.

The goal of a Business Feng Shui consultation is to support you and your business by:

  • Making the workplace more comfortable.
  • Increasing the effectiveness and productivity of the employees.
  • Bringing a well-balanced working environment to promote people harmony.
  • Maximizing the potential for success and profitability.
  • Making for a more enjoyable place for your clients and customers to visit.

Fun trivia: Did you know these big corporations have also applied Classical Feng Shui?

British Airways, Cathay Pacific, CBS TV Studios, Coca Cola, Hong Kong Disneyland, McDonalds, Nike, Shell Oil, Singapore Grand Hyatt, Intel, Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Hong Kong), Panasonic, Proctor & Gamble, Sony, Universal Studios, The Trump World Tower, to name a few.

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