articles_ratDec13Yang Wood Rat (甲子) month approaches us on Dec. 7. The Rat month is an important month to observe because it will be a preview to how the New Year 2014 (Yang Wood Horse 甲午) will perform.

The Rat also clashes with the Horse; so if you were born on the Day (or Year) of the Horse, expect to experience more movements in all aspects, as it will be a more dynamic and active month. Due to this month’s clash, you may also begin to feel the influence and effects of the Fire Horse energy earlier than the official shift on Feb. 4, 2014.

The Rat month creates a penalty to those born on the Day (or Year) of the Rabbit. Be mindful to risky endeavors or unconventional undertakings. It is best to “lay low” and stick to the routines.

On the other hand, if you were born on the Day (or Year) of Pig, Rabbit, Goat, December is your Peach Blossom – a great month to get social with friends or pursue romantic endeavors. If you are in business, it’s also a good time to do more networking, marketing, and promotion. “Face time” with people, the media, and the public will be positive.

The Rat month represents a Nobleman to those born in the year ending 6 or 9. For those born in the year of the Horse, Monkey, and Dragon will also have travel opportunities in December (as Yang Wood is Tiger).

Yang Wood Rat is also the beginning of the 60-day (or month or year) cycle for both the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, signifying the start of a new chapter and new energy. Therefore, it is also a good time to take stock of the past year, make plans for the New Year, and start new endeavors.

The Rat month is also the strongest Water element and Winter season. The Water element will be “feeding” the Yang Wood energy on top, making this a particularly busy month. Expect to see more output and productivity.

In the matters of the health, Water governs the kidneys. Take special care to the body with warm foods and light exercises. Also, the Rat/Horse clash represents water/fire disaster; in Chinese Medicine, this is associated with the blood circulation and the heart.

Feng Shui Flying Star 1 is in the Center. It is best to place 6 metal coins in the NW corner of the house and avoid Star 5 in the South. If the South side of your space cannot be avoided, then it is best to hang a 6-rod metal wind chime to dissolve this Misfortune Star. Pay special attention to the NW where 2,6 is located as it could generate sickness related to the breathing organs, skin, or teeth (Metal imbalance).

Prosperous Stars 8 and 9 are located in the East and Southeast side, respectively. It will be ideal to tap into these positive energies in your home or office. Use the active and intelligent month of the Yang Wood Rat to engage in productive work, whether that is in creating new ideas, nurturing new projects, focusing on current work, or wrapping up existing transactions.