Consultation Testimonials

“Jen is such a force of light and positivity.  I am so grateful to have her to go to when I need counsel and guidance, especially when life feels like it’s in flux.  With the BaZi readings, it truly feels like she knows exactly what is going on with me energetically.  Our sessions have such a calming effect and really helped me embrace everything that is happening in the now.” 

~ Becky Hsiao, Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

“Having a Feng Shui Consultant like Jen is a sure way to start re-thinking about your space and your goals. We all need a make-over from time to time so why not do it with a trained guide? Jen will help you breathe some fresh air into your space and your life.”

~ James Racchi, Artist, Key West, FL

“Moving to a new city and into a new space was the perfect opportunity to use Jen’s wisdom and knowledge of Feng Shui. We were able to take the floor plan of my new apartment to map out the space remotely which has worked out great! Now that I have moved in, I have really enjoyed being able to set up my space with intention using Jen’s suggestions based and her personal knowledge of me and her vast Feng Shui expertise. I am very appreciative of the new energy that I feel in my new home and I really owe it to Jen!!”

~Kim Olson, Finance Executive, Chicago, IL

“Jen was great!! She’s very knowledgeable and informative. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to increase the Qi in their environment.”

~ Roberta Eliason, Yoga Teacher and Aroma Therapist, Phoenix, AZ

“When Jen came to my apartment to do a consultation for me, it aligned the energy in my space in such a way that has helped me get through some major transitions. What could have been a very chaotic time in my life instead became an experiential time with a lot of growth. Jen’s simple and straight forward directions on what would be the best way for me to utilize my limited finances, energy, and time made me feel she really heard me when I explained my resources and needs. The changes we decided together were very basic and easy to execute. Initially I thought I might feel a little embarrassed to have her in my space, but the way she was so non-judgmental and kind, I felt the same kind of comfort I feel when I have a good friend over. Getting a consultation or going to one of Jen’s workshops is one of the best investments you can make in creating your own sanctuary!”

~ Dawn Ferrari, Key West, FL

“Jen is friendly, professional, and the advice was extremely helpful – emotional and practical improvements. Thank you!”

~ Christina Willhauck, Artist and Engineer, Mesa, AZ

“Having a Feng Shui Consultation with Jen was totally stress-free. She sent an e-mail before our appointment explaining what she would be doing and asking me to leave my house as I normally would. When she arrived she was friendly and professional, asking me questions about my space and my life but keeping it conversational and fun! Within a couple of days she provided me with a detailed report of my house, covering everything we had talked about and more. I loved that she gave me suggestions for every space of my house and always includes easier or lower cost ideas to improve balance. She emphasizes education on the principles of Feng Shui so that you are able to distinguish between Feng Shui and interior design and ultimately how you can merge the two together!”

~ Katie Marion, Finance Executive, Scottsdale, AZ

“The consultation was amazing! I took away a LOT of ideas I can implement right away for little to no cost! I learned so much about Feng Shui. Jen was great at explaining the various different methods. Thank you!”

~ Brenda Denton, Mesa, AZ

“Jen is extremely talented. My BaZi reading was an amazing experience. She made sure I understood what she was telling me and really took the time to answer all my questions. I have since taken additional classes from her and will continue to so. Her positive energy radiates and it’s very apparent she loves what she does. She lives and breathes her craft and is as authentic as they come. I recommend all to treat yourself and have a BaZi reading with her”

~ Angela Stark, Scottsdale, AZ

“Jen is a studious practitioner and very dedicated to the teachings and wisdom of Feng Shui. Her work has a direct transmission from Grand Master Raymond L, and so the integrity she brings to this ancient science and art is impeccable. I trust her as a friend and a practitioner, and feel that the BaZi work she shares is a powerful tool to gain perspective on the mysteries of this life!”

~Catherine Stevenson, Mindfulness Student, San Francisco, CA

“I had an amazing BaZi reading with Jen. She gave me clarity and confidence and it was exactly what I needed. It was more than I could have asked for. It was so in depth and she took the time to explain in detail. Her office is on a beautiful and peaceful ranch, truly a unique experience. And I want more!”

~Tina Templeton, Hair Stylist, Chandler, AZ

“My BaZi reading was amazing! It gave me clarity about my life path in life and what my next steps should be. Everyone should have a BaZi reading!”

~ Carrie Rittling, Naturopathic Doctor, Mesa, AZ

“Jen was very detailed and professional. She listened carefully and provided so much information that I am still digesting it all. I might have to add another BaZi reading by Jen in my near future. I recommend it to everyone!”

~Caroline Oldenburg, Corporate Executive, Chicago, IL

“Jen is a very professional lady and had done many accurate BaZi readings. She’s really good with Chinese Metaphysics!”

~Nicole Zoe Leung, Flight Attendant, Hong Kong

“My BaZi consultation was an amazing experience for me. It helped me understand a lot of what I went through in the past and was enlightening for my future! Jen is very talented and I highly recommend her.”

~ Natalie Catherine, Naturopathic Doctor, Mesa, AZ

Workshop Testimonials

“Jen has a beautiful, authentic, and happy way about her, and has the ability to offer this powerful information—that is so important for each of us—in an accessible, interesting, and inspiring way. The privilege of learning this information is the core of so much growing and living from our highest, truest form, personally, spiritually, and environmentally. Thank you Jen for bringing positive energy into our lives and to our little island of Key West!”

~ Gretchen Mills, Owner of Key West Yoga Sanctuary, Key West, FL

“One of the best things I learned from Jen’s feng shui workshop is that feng shui can change your perspective. To make-over your space or your life, I recommend taking Jen’s workshop. She has a way of simplifying an ancient practice and making it work in today’s world.”

~ James Racchi, Artist, Key West, FL

“As a Feng Shui novice, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect out of Jen’s workshop, but after attending, I was yearning for more! Jen has a contagious energy about her and her passion for educating others about Feng Shui is easily translated through her workshop. She merges both traditional and modern Feng Shui to achieve the perfect balance. I look forward to incorporating what I learned in my home and work space to help achieve positive Qi. Thank you, Jen, for a great learning experience – I can’t wait for the next workshop!”

~ Summer Warner, Realtor, Gilbert, AZ

“After attending two of Jen’s workshops, Introduction to Feng Shui and Feng Shui Basics: The Five Elements, she has opened my eyes to the inspirational practice of Feng Shui. It is easy to see she is extremely passionate about her work. What impresses me is that she is able to blend her extensive studies and life experiences into delivering a workshop that is interactive, fun, and humorous. If you have ever been confused by the philosophies surrounding Feng Shui before, she will help demystify and tie them all together, and make it relevant to our modern lives. Since attending her workshops I am much more conscious of the balance of the five elements in my living space. After learning how to apply the Bagua Map, it awakened me to set my intentions and recognize and redirect the flow of Qi in my space, this most powerful life force. If you have the opportunity to attend a Feng Shui by Jen workshop, DO IT! She is not to be missed!”

~ Keegan Robinson, Accountant, Scottsdale, AZ

“Jen’s Feng Shui workshop was an amazing and enjoyable experience! The class was extremely informative and enlightening with the right balance of theory and practice. Jen certainly knows her subject and delivered it with confidence in the most grounded way with good explanations and clarity. She brought such positive and creative energy to the studio and inspired me to learn more about how to use Feng Shui to make improvements for the studio environment as well as my home space. I would heartily recommend this workshop to anyone who has an interest in the fascinating subject of Feng Shui!”

~ Mary Cornely, Owner of Joyful Yoga Studio, Chandler, AZ

“Being a part of the Holistic Community at so many levels for the last 25 years, I am always searching for something new to learn. When Jen’s Introduction to BaZi workshop came across my emails, that was the one email I went back to at least five times thinking, I need to sign up to learn more about BaZi. I wasn’t even in the room for 30 minutes when I discovered so many ‘ah-ha” moments based on the information that Jen shared with us. After the workshop, I was so excited to learn more that I signed up for my own personal BaZi reading. Jen is a bright and spirited individual who lives her passion. She is great at it!”

~ Janet Gangl, Executive Dir. AZ Holistic Chamber of Commerce

“I would recommend BaZi for my family and friends.” 

~ Louis Santacruz, Loan Officer, Phoenix, AZ