Remote Feng Shui

While Feng Shui is an art of physiognomy (study of appearance), which generally requires an in-person assessment of your environment and property, technology has made it possible for us to do consultation remotely.

If you live outside of Arizona and wish to engage Feng Shui by Jen to provide a feng shui assessment, we can certainly make it happen.

What Do We Need from You?

  • The address of the property under assessment.
  • A copy of the property’s blueprint or floor plan (digital or by mail).
  • Build date, move-in date, and building facing direction, etc.
  • All remote consultations require payments before service commences.

BaZi Services

If you are interested in a BaZi reading but unable to see Jen in person in Scottsdale (or at places where she travels to teach at), remote BaZi reading is available:

  •  Over the phone, if you live in the United States, or
  •  Via email, if you live outside of the United States

Contact Feng Shui by Jen for a free quote.