The Yang Water Rat 壬子 month arrives on December 7, and we are moving deeper into the Water season. The Rat 子 month will bring extra Water energy because there is support from the Heavenly Stem (Yang Water 壬) as well as Metal support from the Rooster 酉 Year. If Water is favorable to you, then this is going to be a much easier going time.

Because Water is considered the deepest part of the energetic system, hidden and unseen, it is the root of aliveness moment to moment. From water, we arise as a fetus floating in the world of amniotic fluid; the mysteries of life are deep within even then. At the end of life, we return to the depths of darkness, the unknown.

Fear, the emotion of the Water Element, is not of surviving the unknown that is our life’s journey, because fear helps to maintain vigilance of navigating through life’s challenges. It is needed to prevent reckless and life-threatening behavior and to ensure survival.

The Water Element stores the memory of who we are and the potential of who we can become. The accumulated experiences stored in the Water Element enhance survival and adaptation. In a sense, this contains stories of survival and triumph passed down through generations. Deep in the pools of the Water energy are the renewal and revitalization needed to embark on change, cultivate wisdom, and enhance knowledge and understanding.

Note: Water is favorable to you if your Self Element is Strong Metal, Weak Water, Weak Wood, Strong Fire, and Strong Earth. You will know this if you have had your BaZi chart professionally read. Click HERE to learn more.


Clash: The Rat 子 clashes with the Horse 午. So, if you were born on the Day (or Year) of the Horse 午, expect to see more movements this month, including traveling and plans changing. It’s definitely not an introverted or introspective time. Read more on CLASH here.

Penalty: The Rat 子 also creates a penalty to those born on the Day (or Year) of the Rabbit 卯. Try not to over exert yourself, and be more mindful towards your relationships by avoiding conflicts, miscommunications, and arguments with your spouse or colleagues. Besides, if you already have a Rabbit 卯 in your Four Pillars, the clash energy from the 2017 Rooster 酉 Year is already making it a very sensitive year for you. Lay low and keep things status quo. Leave out the “risky business” until the energy of the month shifts. Read more on PENALTY here.

Peach Blossom: If you were born on the Day (or Year) of Pig 亥, Rabbit 卯, Goat 未, then December is your Peach Blossom month, which is a wonderful time to get social with friends or pursue romantic prospects. If you are in business, it’s also a fabulous time to do more networking, marketing, and promotion. Get some “face time” with people, the media, and the public. Read more on PEACH BLOSSOM here.

Nobleman: The Rat 子 month represents a Nobleman to those born in the year ending 5 or 9, or for those born with Heavenly Stems of Yin Earth 己 or Yin Wood 乙 in the Year or Day. Expect things to go smoother and easier this month with receiving adequate help and support from people you meet or know. Read more on NOBLEMAN here.

Famous Yang Water 壬 people: Kate Middleton, Bill Gates, Emily Blunt, Jennifer Lawrence, Katie Perry, Mark Wahlberg, Monica Belluci, Pablo Picasso, Robin Williams, Sophia Bush, and Zsa Zsa Gabor, to name a few.


In the matters of the health, Water governs the kidneys. Take special care to the body with warm foods and cardio exercises. Because the energy of the Fire Element is diminished, it’s important to ensure the heart is properly supported along with the eyes and especially the brain.

In Chinese medicine, the three treasures of life are jing, qi, and shen, and each are associated with specific Elements and functions. Qi is life force, shen the spirit, and jing is the ancestral energy and knowledge stored in the kidneys, which in turn gives qi its template.

Jing contains “remembered wellness,” which can lead to recovery from stress and maladaptation. The amygdala (part of the brain that processes memory, emotions, and decision-making), hippocampus (major component of the human brain that regulates emotions and spatial navigation), locus coeruleus (fight-or-flight response), and the rest of the stress memory system are the scientific equivalent of jing.

As the time calls for more reflection and re-evaluation, the key is to adapt and to transform:

  • Overwhelmed to managing
  • Crisis to opportunity
  • Resigned to confidence
  • Isolated to supported
  • Fear to wisdom
  • Reassurance to trust
  • Mistrust to will power

Feng Shui:

Feng Shui Flying Star 7 is in the Center. Take care of your cures this way:

  • 3 bamboos in clear glass vase in the Center (1,7) and Southeast (9,6).
  • Red envelope in the North (6,3) and Southwest (7,4).
  • 6 metal rod wind chime in the East (8,5).
  • Pay extra care in the South because 5,2 are connecting this month. What is in the South sector of your home? If this is a bedroom or important area of your house or office, make sure you have 6 metal coins here; and if possible, avoid spending too much time in this area of the house.

Make sure to discard the old cures from last month.

You also need to know the base Feng Shui of your home to decide whether or not you can actually activate—and use—the positive Visiting Stars 8 (Northwest), 9 (West), and 1 (Northeast). Make sure you have consulted a professional before placing any active objects or you could be inadvertently disturb a dormant negative star.

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