Feng Shui Cure: 3 Bamboo Sticks

Ever wonder what is up with the 3 bamboo sticks in Classical Feng Shui?

Three bamboo sticks is considered a very traditional and auspicious Feng Shui object and it is commonly used to cure Feng Shui Flying Stars 6 and 7. Both 6 and 7 are numbers related to the Metal Element.

Because Flying Stars have different meanings, numbers 6 and 7 are energies associated with legal problems, scandal, and conflict. Today, these numbers are considered outdated, faded, and negative; therefore, they must be cured, especially when they appear in key areas of your home, like the front door, bedroom, living room, kitchen, or home office.

So, why 3 and why bamboo?

Bamboo is a traditional and of notable economic and cultural significance in Southeast and East Asia. A plant, it is related to the Wood Element. Additionally, the number 3 (according to the Luo Shu) is also considered a (Yang) Wood number.

In the Chinese Five Elements cycle, Metal produces Water and Metal cuts Wood. In either case, Wood and Water weaken or depletes Metal. That’s why the traditional Feng Shui approach is to recommend keeping 3 bamboo sticks in a clear glass vase with water (not dirt) to cure and dissolve the Metal stars 6 and 7.

Of course, how you choose to incorporate the Elements in your home is entirely up to you, and you can get very creative with it! You can also use colors like blue and green (Wood colors) or black and very deep blue (Water colors).

So long as you understand the meanings of the Stars and the relationship cycles of the Five Elements, traditional Feng Shui approach is a fairly straightforward, easy, and economical way to incorporate auspicious Feng Shui objects in your home without spending a fortune or making it too conspicuous! But you are also decorating your space deliberately, strategically, as well as intentionally. Happy Learning!

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