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In traditional Chinese culture, many are keen to learn more about their personal fortune through BaZi Destiny Reading. In doing so, one can better understand the cycles of their Luck to make informed decisions. Luck has always been viewed by the Chinese as a sort of commodity – something you can gain, and something you can lose. When you know this valuable information, it makes even more sense to seize the high times when things are good; and conversely, proactively adjust and manage the low times when things are more challenging.

In BaZi, there are hundreds of different symbolic meanings, but we use a handful in practice to help give us deeper insights into one’s birth chart. Nobleman is one such symbolic star.

Nobleman is simply described as helpful people. Grand Master Raymond Lo labels it “earth angels.” While the physical or abstract form of Nobleman is not always absolute, whenever the Nobleman luck does appear, it signifies a more auspicious time in one’s life.

Generally speaking, Nobleman can appear as people you know – your grandparents, parents, spouse, or children because you were already born with a Nobleman in you birth chart. However, others who were born without one can still feel “lucky” because they encounter their Nobleman throughout their life, such as in a particular year, a month, or during their 10-year Luck Cycle.

Nobleman is considered the most auspicious energy because you can count on intercepting many helpful and sentimental people during this time. For instance, helpful people are especially instrumental in helping you achieve whatever you desire in life. Conjointly, Nobleman can also manifest as fruitful and advantageous opportunities that you may not have been presented with before.

It is important to note, however, that Nobleman time does not indicate high times all the time. Such is not life. Nobleman is still attached to a particular Element, meaning each Nobleman can represent any one of the Five Elements – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. For example, Monkey 申 is a Metal Element, Tiger 寅 is a Wood Element, etc. The strength or power of your Nobleman will depend on the person’s favorable elements. That’s why the deeper meaning of Nobleman is still a little bit more complicated for a lay person to analyze by himself/herself.

Moreover, some people claim they experience the hardest and most trying times in life during a Nobleman time. Life does get rough sometimes, doesn’t it? But can you imagine going through difficulties when there is no help? Like getting into a car accident and nobody comes? Or grieving for a departed loved one and nobody is around to comfort you? Or starting a business and there is no reliable support?

Yes, Nobleman takes all forms. But Nobleman appears when you need it the most, too. It carries you through, helps you persevere and come out of a difficult situation. In the end, this auspicious energy is only presenting you with an opportunity. It is still up to you to make the conscious choice to seize it and use it; otherwise, the moment will pass.

Nobleman can appear as people like a doctor during a scheduled health surgery, a lawyer for a court case, a friend who believes in your endeavor, or a stranger who returns your missing wallet, etc. Or it can also appear as a “coincidental” moment of ease, such as experiencing an easy travel or commute day, getting upgraded to first class cabin on a flight, enjoying a smooth and happy wedding ceremony, etc. In other words, Nobleman is always a good one to have!

Other famous real-life examples include:

  • Captain Richard Phillips who was kidnapped by Somali pirates in 2009 was rescued on a Nobleman day. Movie: Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks.
  • Former Prisoner of War, Jessica Lynch, was rescued during her Nobleman Month.
  • Former US Navy Seal, Marcus Luttrell, was the lone survivor of Operation Red Wings during the fight with Taliban fighters, was also rescued on his Nobleman day. Movie: Lone Survivor starring Mark Wahlberg.

And so much more!

Because the idea of Nobelman exists as a kind of ethereal being from above, this can only be derived from the Heavenly Stem’s of a person’s birth Year or Day. You can use this table below.

Heavenly Stems of Birth Year or Birth Day             Nobleman      

Yang Metal 庚, Yang Earth 戊, Yang Wood 甲                      Ox 丑, Goat 未

Yang Fire 丙, Yin Fire 丁                                                           Rooster 酉, Pig 亥

Yin Metal 辛                                                                                 Horse 午, Tiger 寅

Yin Earth 己, Yin Wood 乙                                                       Monkey 申, Rat 子

Yang Water 壬, Yin Water 癸                                                   Snake 巳, Rabbit 卯

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