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Peach Blossom, also known as “Flower of Romance,” promotes attraction and allure between people. It talks about love and romance and the sexual energy linked to the physical attraction that other people may feel about you. Many women, for instance, do end up getting married during their Peach Blossom time. Others can also encounter deeper and more meaningful relationships as well.

Some folks are blessed to be born with a Peach Blossom Star (or two) in their Four Pillars birth chart. This makes the person more charming and likable, easier to attract friends, followers, or suitors from the opposite sex.

But luckily, everyone can enjoy the Peach Blossom energy throughout a lifetime because it shows up cyclically – every 6 or 12 days, every 6 or 12 months, and every 6 or 12 years. What’s more, it can also show up for an entire year or in a specific 10-year luck cycle. Of course, this all depends on your BaZi birth chart.

If you are in a happy marriage or relationship and you are in your Peach Blossom time, be more mindful of external distractions (i.e., flirtations) and suitors.

While Peach Blossom is famously known for being linked to romance, it can also be used for other things that may not necessarily always be about the opposite sex. For instance, if you are a business owner or working in an industry that works with people, then the Peach Blossom energy can help promote positive interactions between people, such as getting a promotion, soliciting more client business, or doing more public marketing. Remember, Peach Blossom is an opportunity to interact with people—and people will respond! How you choose to use it – for love or for work – is entirely up to you, and make sure the Feng Shui of your house also supports human harmony!

To derive your Peach Blossom Star, you can use this table below.

Birth Year or Birth Day               Peach Blossom

Monkey 申 + Rat 子 + Dragon辰      Rooster 酉

Pig 亥+ Rabbit 卯 + Goat 未              Rat 子

Tiger 寅 + Horse 午 + Dog 戌            Rabbit 卯

Snake 巳 + Rooster 酉 + Ox 丑         Horse 午

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