Feng Shui Cure: 6 Metal Coins

Feng Shui 6 Metal Coins is a traditional Feng Shui cure that is effective, discreet, and economical. It is often used to dissolve Flying Star 2, also known as the star responsible for sickness. So, why metal and why 6?

Because everything can be translated into one of the Chinese Five Elements, number 2 is related to the Earth Element and number 6 is related to the Metal Element.

Today, 2 is a negative and outdated number. That’s why this star must be dissolved with a Feng Shui cure, especially when it appears in important areas of your home, like the bedroom or kitchen.

In the Chinese Five Elements, Earth produces Metal, weakening the energy of Earth; that’s why you use a Metal object to cure 2.

5 elements

Additionally, number 6 is related to the Heaven (Father) Trigram, and 2 is related to the Earth (Mother) Trigram. When we use these numbers to cure, we’re not just using the coins for their physical material but also for the symbolic “union” of the Father-Mother Trigrams, representing harmony.


The coins are traditionally strung together in a red thread (red is considered an auspicious color in Chinese tradition) because ancient Chinese coins have a hole in the center, making it easier to string and keep the coins together so that they won’t come loose, making sure the coins stay at 6 (and not any other number that could represent another Element).

I personally love recommending the 6 Metal coins to my clients because it is economical and easy to hide without creating any obvious Feng Shui gadgets in the home. Of course the usage of the object depends on the size of the space. A 6-metal coin string will not be effective in, say, a hotel lobby that could take up larger than a small traditional residential home! Once you know the basics, you can always get creative when you want to incorporate the Elements in your space.

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