“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” – John Steinbeck

Hello, Winter! The official countdown to the holiday season has begun. I have just returned from Japan to attend our 15th annual IFSA Feng Shui convention where I was honored to be one of the guest speakers. Most notably, I was there to formally accept the IFSA endorsement certificate for the newly established USA Chapter, a 501(c)3 nonprofit membership-based association. More on that in our next correspondence. Because the busyness and winding down are all muddled up this month, I’ll be keeping this month’s article short and sweet.

Meaning of the Elements

~ The Elements this month are Yang Wood Rat 甲子~

Yang Wood 甲

Yang Wood 甲 is like the tree: strong, steady, and with its roots firmly rooted in the earth. The tree is benevolent, reliable, kind, and trustworthy. Because Yang Wood 甲 is closely connected to the human head, Yang Wood 甲 people often exhibit eccentricities, stubbornness, are deep thinkers, and have a strong sense for fashion and beauty, philosophy and literature, the arts, and the like. If your day master is Yang Wood 甲 and born in the wintertime, in BaZi 八字, we refer to this as “Yang Wood 甲 born in winter needs the sun.” It means, the Fire Element 火 is considered the most important and useful element. Without the sun, the tree is cold, weathered, and haggard. If this applies to you, take note of this observation particularly now that the influence of Fire is totally absent.

Famous Yang Wood 甲 ladies: Whitney Houston, Kristen Stewart, Britney Spears, Bette Midler, Meghan Merkel, Goldie Hawn, Kate Winslet, Maya Angelou, Sophia Lauren, Jessica Biehl.

Famous Yang Wood 甲 Gents: Keanu Reeves, John Nash, Elon Musk, Bruce Lee, Elvis Prestley, James Cameron, Jude Law, Ralph Lauren, Nikola Tesla, Carl Sagan, Armie Hammer, Jerry Lewis.

BaZi 八字


If you were born in the Year of the Horse 午 (2014, 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942, 1930, 1918) then the Rat 子 is your clash month. Remember the Rat sign is not just confined to the year of birth alone. In fact, it can appear anywhere in your Four Pillars, like if you were born in the month of the June (June 6 – July 7), or in the hour of the Horse 午 (11am to 1pm local time). However, the most sensitive area is the clash against the Day Pillar. The only way to find out if you were born on a Horse 午 day is to refer to the Chinese Calendar (or click HERE to get a copy of your Chinese birth chart).

If this clash applies to you, you can do the following to help manage and mitigate any mishaps and adversity:

  • Carry a jade pendant of Ox on your keychain or inside your purse.
  • Take care of the Feng Shui of your home, particularly where you sleep. If the month star has an adverse effect in your bedroom, this could provoke restless sleep, sickness and ailments, relationship misunderstandings and conflict, etc. See Feng Shui write-up below. Click HERE to inquire about getting a Feng Shui consultation.
  • Know that plans do and will change, so don’t get bogged down if the outcome is not what you expected.
  • Travel more this month, even if you just take quick, mini weekend trips.
  • Get out of the house more often; the stars are not aligned for hibernating or procrastinating. Busy is the theme of the month.
  • Change up your routine, especially if the routine feels stagnant and boring.
  • Be more mindful of your driving behaviors as you could be more susceptible to accidents and mishaps.
  • Take better care of your health and well-being so your mind and body are in excellent shape to handle whatever stress and discomfort that may arise with the clash.
  • If the clash is in your Day Pillar and you are in a relationship, be more patient and forgiving, and gentler and clearer in your communication and delivery. Creating healthy spaces or boundaries between you two is also ideal so as not to exaggerate small quarrels into larger arguments.

You can read more about clash HERE.

Peach Blossom

If you were born in the Year or Day of Pig 亥, Rabbit 卯, or Goat 未, then the Rat 子 month is your Peach Blossom month. It’s a wonderful time to reconnect with friends, socialize, and network. Use the positive energy of the Rat 子 to calibrate positive connections—whether that is in letting go or in rekindling. Remember, Peach Blossom is all about our interconnections and relationships with others, personally or professionally. So, have fun!

You can read more about Peach Blossom HERE.


If you were born on a Yang Wood 甲 or Yin Earth 己 Year or Day, then the Rat 子 is your Nobleman month. Take advantage of this month to ask for help or hire reliable helpers or assistants. If you have important meetings including doctor appointments, surgery, or major contracts that need signing, the Nobleman month is helpful to ensure a smooth month. Of course, for important life events, it’s imperative to request for an auspicious date selection in order to truly zoom in on the most auspicious and lucky times. However, the Nobleman month ensures your angels and guides—whether in the form of spirit or people—are present to ensure you are protected and supported.

You can read more about Nobleman HERE.

Don’t forget to schedule your BaZi so you can navigate and prepare for the upcoming year of the Pig with ease and success!

Flying Star Feng Shui 玄空風水

This month, 4 takes the Center Palace (December 7th – January 5th). Here is your monthly Feng Shui to-do:

Cure or Suppress Negative Stars:

  • East (7,2) = 6 metal coins (Metal Element)
  • Northwest (1,5) = 6 metal rod wind chime (Metal Element)
  • Southeast (8,3) and Center (9,4) = red envelope (Fire Element) – you cannot use the positive energy of annual star 8 in the Southeast this month.
  • West (2,6) and Northeast (3,7) = 3 bamboos (Wood Element)

Be mindful of the North. Even though Annual Star 9 is visiting here, the combination 5,9 is inauspicious, particularly since the energy of 9—a Fire Element—will only enhance and strengthen Yellow Star 5—an Earth Element. As such, do not activate this Month Star 9.

Note: You can click on the links related to cure items above to learn more.

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