2-2Flying Star Update:

On November 7th, we will officially welcome the arrival of the Pig, and the monthly Flying Stars will play a very important role this month. Why? This month, the monthly Flying Stars will duplicate with the base chart of 2016. If the Monkey Year wasn’t already crazy enough, wait till you see this month!

This is usually the time when I like to say the stars are “aligned.” And they are aligned in a way that is most fitting to see good things become great or bad things become disasters! That’s just how the duplicate stars work: they magnify and enhance the inherent energetic properties of the Stars itself. See November 2016 flying star chart to the left. The large black numbers denote the Yearly Star. The small gray numbers denote the Monthly Star.

As some of you may already know, the Sickness Star (2) is already taking the center stage this year. That’s why it isn’t a surprise to see so much sickness, disease, and health discontentment all around the world this year already, from Zika, Ebola, vaccine controversies, viral diseases, polio, MERS, yellow fever, air pollution and climate change, to seeing the political and power shifts among government agencies, private corporations, and the global healthcare system as a whole. All of these factors have played out strongly this year.

Not only are these issues a global concern (macro perspective), but the Sickness energy is also conspicuous within the confines of the four walls of your homes and offices (micro perspective). Many people are experiencing health scares, ailments, and other unexpected disturbances that are affecting the harmony of their health and relationships this year. While the length of the sickness energy is confined to this year only, the recovery depends on the individual person’s BaZi (good luck / bad luck) as well as the Feng Shui of their space. If both aspects are strong, then the health disturbance is a temporary one. Otherwise, it can be a life-altering event. In any case, the global impact of Flying Star 2 this year has made its presence known, one way or another. And it has a strong hold on various aspects of our overall wellbeing–physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. That’s why I have persistently impressed upon the importance of curing this Star in your homes. Curing it can help to suppress, neutralize, or minimize its negative impact on your health and wellbeing.

So imagine this November when the monthly Flying Star 2 lands in the same position as the Yearly Star. It’s like two friends seeing each other and having a party. The party can be a good one or a disastrous one. In this case, we really need to proactively address it so it won’t jolt us “out of the blue.”

If you have a floor plan with the center being more open, accessible, and active, that will most likely mean that the Sickness Star is alive and well. Otherwise, most floor plans will see that the Center Palace takes up a tiny area. I have seen floor plans where the Center Palace falls inside a wall, a closet space, or a narrow hallway. Either way, knowing whether or not this Sickness Star is activated will depend on the design of your floor plan and function of the space.

6 Coins 2At any rate, from November 7th to December 7th, the Yearly and Monthly Stars 2-2 will join up side-by-side, and the visiting star will aggravate–and even provoke–the Sickness energy that is already “living” in the Center Palace. If the center area of your home or office is an active area, you should have already placed 6 metal coins to suppress the Yearly Star 2. If not, place two 6-metal coins: one to address the Yearly Star and the other to address the Monthly Star. After December 7th, you can remove the second set. Click HERE to learn more about 6 Metal Coins.

What’s more, November is a Yin Earth Pig Month. The Pig is a Water Element and it is often associated with flues and air-borne viruses. Take herbs and natural remedies to support and strengthen the body to prevent or fight off any seasonal flues and ailments. Not to mention, if you or a family member are already suffering from health problems this year, it is of utmost importance to sleep in a good Feng Shui room, preferably a room that already has a positive Mountain Star 8, 9, or 1, and avoid sleeping in the Northeast sector of your home this month because the Misfortune Star 5 will also duplicate in this Sector. Cure the NE sector with 6 metal rod wind chimes.

If you’re interested to have your space analyzed, please Contact Jen for a Feng Shui consultation. Remote consultations are available on a case-by-case basis.

BaZiBaZi Update: The Pig month also signals the official arrival of the Winter (Water) season. And as we inch closer and closer to the Yin energy, the Fire Element has faded and its positive influence and effects are no longer felt. Because the Fire Element is closely associated with the emotions that govern the heart center (joy, happiness, optimism), it is normal to experience changes in your mood and energy level.

In fact, there is a science-backed reason why people tend to feel down in the cooler months (Yin). Scientists know there are a lot of biological and physiological reasons why people’s moods change with the season, and have proven that while the changes don’t necessarily affect everyone the same way, seasonal mood shifts often include less energy, feeling less social, having increased cravings, and changes in sleep patterns.

pigAnd for BaZi, this is indeed very true. Every part of our existence, including our physical, emotional, and mental functions are, in more ways than one, governed and influenced by the inner-workings of the Five Elements. It is also our internal biological ways of behaving and connecting with the elements of the natural world.

So pay attention to your mood and general outlook this month. Feelings of melancholy are telltale signs of depression and discouragement. Keep the spirit up and bright by keeping up with healthy social interactions, staying active and exercising, and (re)setting achievable goals that can boost your esteem and confidence. No effort is too small to incorporate and invite more joy and fun in your daily routine.

You may click on the links below to learn more about the meanings of the symbolic stars.

  • Nobleman = This is your Nobleman month if you were born in the Year or Day of Yang Fire or Yin Fire. These folks can enjoy meeting plenty of helpful people and making waves for fruitful opportunities and connections.
  • Clash = If you have a Snake in your Four Pillars or Luck Pillar, shake it and move it this month! This is your Clash month. Carry the pendant of a Tiger.
  • Penalty = If you have Pig in your Four Pillars, then November is a self penalty month. Be nice to yourself and be more mindful with health and relationships.

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