September 2019 Yin Water Rooster Feng Shui & BaZi Update

“Everything flows and nothing abides, everything gives way and nothing stays fixed.” ~ Heraclitus

September is the Rooster 酉 month (Sept. 7 – Oct. 8) and it symbolizes the peak of the Autumn season. Here, we will see and emote the energies of Metal as everything within and around us begins to unwind and slow. The shorter days, falling leaves and decaying fruit, and chilled air belong to the Rooster 酉 and the natural “Yin” state of the world. Our earth is the recipient of those falling leaves and fruit, the soil enriched by the decay of organic matter. If Mother Earth is within the grasp of Autumn, then so is every living being, including you and me.

Because the Metal Element is always associated with the fall, the lungs, and the emotion of grief, it’s not abnormal for your physical and spiritual bodies to also transition. It’s no wonder that Metal corresponds to the west or the setting sun as we commence a new cycle: the stage of letting go.

Many years ago, I read a superb book on the Five Elements and the author associated the Metal Element to that of the Rock of Gibraltar, a symbol of assuredness, endurance, and dependability. There are so many more adjectives that reverberate the meaning of Metal such as refinement, moral insight, clarity, resilience, and courage. Because the essence of all being is energy, every animate being depends on the unrestricted flow of life energy; and for these meanings to surface, often there is first a trial that you must examine and overcome. Otherwise, blockages, stagnation, and upsets will hinder your ability to move through your experiences.

Recently, a couple of really great friends of mine have been experiencing a lot of grief, particularly around the loss of a parent. Because I experienced that same heartache five years ago, I can certainly empathize with their hurt. But the one key lesson and observation I discovered from that experience was this: It is of utmost importance to acknowledge the pain by grieving the loss, processing the reality of that loss, letting the tears fall freely, and allowing oneself to immerse entirely in those emotions without denial, procrastination, or concealment. Only then can one truly heal and move forward towards a healthier state of emotion.

It’s unfortunate that society repels such experiences. Often, people are inept at dealing with loss and choose to confront it by ignoring, numbing, or eagerly wanting to quickly fix broken hearts. It’s astounding that many forget grief is a natural human emotion and that it should be recognized the same way we affirm higher-vibe emotions like joy.

It is normal for a healthy, grounded individual to absorb some portion of the negative energy emitted from other people, the environment, or from a pivotal life experience (whether it’s from a death, a career change, a divorce or breakup, physical or emotional trauma, or a huge life transformation). Even through the grief and tears, it’s important to remember that this does not interrupt the continuous stream of balanced energy that sustains oneself. While it may impede the flow for a short time, it’s all in how you choose to cope constructively with stress and upset.

With this month’s energy, I urge you to examine the many moving pieces of your stories to-date and see what parts are ready to be released. Letting go can be challenging (and often easier said than done), but the exuberance you will feel when the flow is restored will be a welcome and blessed reward.

BaZi 八字

The Heavenly Stem this month is Yin Water 癸, like a drop of mountain dew. Because this Yin Water 癸 Element sits on top of the Rooster 酉 (Metal), the energy of the Water is strong, intense, and robust. If you’ve been anxiously waiting for the Water energy since the start of the Pig 亥 year, you’ll be able to finally enjoy this now.

If your Day Master is also Yin Water 癸, you exhibit a humble and modest demeanor that also mimics that of an old, wise teacher. You’re also highly receptive, innovative, idealistic, sensitive, and adaptable. Enjoy your month!

Famous Yin Water癸 ladies: Mother Theresa, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kate Beckinsale, Meryl Streep, Priscilla Presley, Rachel McAdams, Natalie Wood, Caroline Kennedy, Catherine Deneuve, Jennifer Grey, Donatella Versace, Mila Kunis.

Famous Yin Water癸 gents: Johnny Depp, Desi Arnaz, Chris Hunnam, Henry Cavill, Larry King, Ted Kennedy, The Rock, Larry Ellis, Matthew McConaughey, Stephen King, Pope Francis.

September is your Nobleman if:

  • The Heavenly Stem of your Day or Year Pillar is Yang Fire 丙 or Yin Fire 丁; or
  • You were born in years ending 6 or 7 (such as 1986 or 1947)

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September is your Peach Blossom if:

  • The Earthly Branch of your Day or Year Pillar is Monkey 申, Rat 子, and Dragon 辰

Read more about Peach Blossom HERE.

September is your Clash if:

  • You have a Rabbit 卯 animal sign anywhere in your Four Pillars

Read more about Clash HERE.

September is your Self Penalty if:

  • You were born on a Rooster 酉 day and you have another Rooster 酉 animal sign either in your Month or Hour Pillar. September will activate and irritate this Self Penalty.

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Flying Star Feng Shui 玄空風水

This month 4 resides in the Center palace. Take care of the Feng Shui of your home:

  • Southeast Sector (7,3) – place a Fire Element cure. Stars 7 (Metal) and 3 (Wood) are in a destructive relationship, which can disturb money flow and initiate relationship misunderstandings or miscommunications.
  • Southwest Sector (5,1) – even though there’s a positive Month Star 1 here, it’s not a good idea to activate this or Annual Star 5 will stir up unhealthy emotions and Water Element-related diseases (such as the kidneys, bladder, reproductive system, ears, etc.); therefore, leave the Month Star as-is.
  • Northwest Sector (9,5) – place 6 coins, wu luo, or 6 metal rod wind chime to subdue Month Star 5. The 9,5 combination is very inauspicious because 9 (Fire) strengthens 5 (Earth). Therefore, temporarily turn off or remove any active objects that you may have placed to stimulate Annual Star 9 for the year (such as a water fountain feature). This is the one “perfect storm” scenario where a prosperous star like 9 can actually wreak havoc and becomes the culprit to accidents and misfortune.
  • Northeast Sector (2,7) – place 3 bamboos here and make sure you already have a string of 6 metal coins for Annual Star 2. Because 2 (Earth) strengthens 7 (Metal), this can cause unexpected scandal, controversy, or reputation conflict if not properly addressed. Similar to the East Sector commentary below, one must also pay attention to health related to the Earth and Metal Elements.
  • East Sector (6,2) – place a Metal Element cure here to suppress the Sickness star. Because the 6,2 combination is related to the Metal and Earth Elements, respectively, one might be susceptible to sickness or health imbalances related to the skin, teeth, upper respiratory system, and bones, including anything associated with the belly such as the digestive system, immunity, pancreas, blood sugar, and gut health. Temper down worries, anxiety, and overthinking this month to avoid additional stress on the body, especially if this is your bedroom or kitchen.
  • Center Sector (8,4) – place a Fire Element cure here for Month Star 4, but the energy linking up is not so bad because 4 (Wood) can stimulate the prosperous or “Good Luck” Star 8 (Earth) this month.

Here are the sectors that might be somewhat auspicious. Please be sure you have a clear understanding of the base chart of your home or office before activating these temporary Month Stars. Otherwise, I feel cautiously optimistic about these areas.

  • South Sector (3,8) – You can activate 8 or leave as-is. The energy linking up between 3,8 (similar to the Center Sector) can actually help stimulate prosperous Month Star 8.
  • West Sector (1,6) – You can place a yin water cure here or leave as-is. Though, traditionally, 1,6 combination is great for studying because this is also called the Academic Stars. If this sector happens to be in your home office or study area, you’ll benefit from the visiting star this month, which will be useful for concentrating, writing, and creative outlets.
  • North Sector (4,9) – No need to activate Month Star 9, though Annual Star 4 (Wood) will already support 9 (Fire) while neutralizing self.

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