It’s the Rooster-Rooster crazy month!

Earlier this year, I warned about two specific months: March and September. These two months, in particular, have significance in both Feng Shui and BaZi. That’s why, these two months are more sensitive and volatile this year.

But first, how about that Monkey 申 month, huh?! What a trip! The Monkey’s 申 energy is always a swift and jolting one since it formally represents the change from Yang to Yin and marks the halfway point in the year. Every time that happens, we can always see–and feel–the changes in and around us.

I hope you either enjoyed the Monkey申 month or survived it!

And so here we are…the Rooster酉 month graces us on Sept. 7. These next 30 days are super special when both the BaZi and Feng Shui energies for the month will duplicate with the year. What that means is: what is good, is great. What is bad, is double yuck. Everything is magnified. And it will be a tipping point for a lot of issues and emotions at hand, especially as we move into the Dog 戌 month (Oct. 8). But before we dive into that, let’s chat more about the Rooster’s 酉 qualities.

In Chinese astrology, the Rooster 酉 represents the peak of the autumn season. Consistent with the theme of the Metal Element, the energy continues to contract and recess. Although for some, the Monkey 申 month offered very little chance for relief, the autumn season should be a time for calm and reflection. Metal is the connection to the Spirit. Because Metal is not immediately obvious in nature, it might be more difficult to grasp at first. But Metal is the unnamable mystery behind the origin of being, the essence within all things.

Rather than the world of creation, Metal is the spirit underlying the creation of the world.

Metal arises from the minerals and precious jewels found within the earth. Metal is feminine because it is extracted from the feminine earth. These substances provide strength and value, and are also symbols of strength. It is no wonder Metal is often associated with beauty, conviction, and righteousness.

Metal is also related to the planet Venus, the direction of West, the time of Virgo, and also autumn, the time of harvest, completion, and the beginning of rest. Metal corresponds with the three Earthly Branches of autumn: Monkey 申, Rooster 酉, and Dog 戌.

The principles of the Chinese Five Elements, similar to the 8 Trigrams, offer a myriad of representation that symbolizes many complex things in life. It’s true, they have a literal meaning to the physical manifestations you see in nature, but it is so much more than that. For example, did you know Metal also represents the high-tech industry? With the peak of the Metal season, it’s no coincidence to see that Apple will be launching the iPhone 8 on Sept. 12. They did the same thing back in 2014 when they released the iPhone 6 in September!

Additionally, Metal has the inherent trait associated with loyalty, justice, and altruism. And Metal people tend to exhibit more of these qualities. As such, Metal has also come to represent law enforcement and military.

In the USA, we are experiencing a lot of political and socio-economical issues. Our faith and loyalty to our moral values, trust in the legal and constitutional systems, as well as our general outlook of the future all feel a bit meek and murky at the moment. Because the Metal energy reminds us of “altruistic” kinds of behavior, no doubt these events, among other worldly affairs, have continued to remind us that the season brings ideals related to moral authority, principles and values, discipline, justice, and equality. This has been the very stance since the beginning of 2016, also a Metal year, and continuing on to this year (also a Metal year).

It’s time to transform perfectionism to appreciation, regret to inspiration, and loss to acceptance. This is the domain of the Metal energy.

Do things feel different now than the first half of the year for you? Many of my clients are experiencing an obvious shift in their energetic space – inside their homes as well as in their personal being. It’s true the Fire energy has gone bye-bye after Summer Solstice. With the absence of Fire, the energy around the heart-space is dimming. The desire to infuse more joy and optimism is needed now more than ever.

For those born in the Year or Day of Monkey 申, Rat 子, and Dragon 辰, this is your Peach Blossom month! Feeling extra charming? Noticing more people are paying extra attention to you? Why not? The Peach Blossom energy is supposed to influence how other people see you. If you’re looking for love, a casual date might be in store. If you’re in business, consider making more efforts to advertise and promote your work. Use the new season to get creative and artistic. Otherwise, keep this month lighthearted and fun. Take a chill pill! But also beware of those energy vampires! There’s always two sides of the coin.

The Rooster 酉 combines with the Dragon 辰 but clashes with the Rabbit 卯. Allow me to take a mini-pause here. People hear the word “clash” and they freak out. Honestly, clash sometimes offers the best chance to make a change. Sure, a combine is easier because it means harmony and conflict-free. Clash can create disturbances in your life. It doesn’t feel settling, comfortable, or easy either. But if you’re ready to make some much-needed changes in your life – whether that’s your job, your relationship, or just to get out of the house more and take a weekend trip somewhere — then now’s the time. Use this month’s energy to work in your favor.

The Rooster 酉 is also a Nobleman to those born in the Year or Day of Yang Fire 丙 and Yin Fire 丁. September can be a smooth and straightforward month with plenty of help to go around.

If your BaZi has any of these symbolic meaning, then be alert the next 30 days since these energies will be more heightened.

Otherwise, it may be time to get your BaZi update with me soon. Check in and prepare for the remaining months. Click HERE. Mention this forecast article and get $40 off your next reading.

(Example: Melania Trump’s BaZi Chart)

I suppose my prediction in September is that we will continue to see more water-related disasters. I’m also not ruling out earthquakes or other earth-related disturbances (i.e., volcanoes and landslides) that could also “shake” the energy of the ocean. This is easy to see because Metal is strong, weakening the Earth Element. Furthermore, the weak Fire energy from the year also offers no support to Earth; hence, there is an imbalance related to the Earth energy as well. You might notice that in nature but also in your physical body, too.


In the matters of health, I want to pay extra attention to our stomach and spleen this month. These organs are related to the Earth Element. Because Metal is strong and weakening Earth, especially without the strong support of Fire. Hence, how’s your belly?

In Chinese Medicine, the stomach and spleen are the two main organs of digestion. We can care for and maintain these organs by eating well. So I’ll give you some tips.

There is a Chinese saying, “If there’s one thing we’re serious about it’s neither religion nor learning, but food.” – Zhang and Rose, 1999, p.50.

Stomach is responsible for rotting and ripening food and drink. Cold food and icy beverages put a strain on the stomach. Too much cold food chills the body and the digestion slows down, causing the stomach to use extra energy to heat it up.

Now that we’re moving into the Yin season, it becomes even more essential to bring back some heat into the body. Pick foods that are clean (unprocessed) and warming. The effects of warming foods will raise the Yang energy, improving circulation and dispelling common colds. Some examples include dates, guava, lychee, mango, peach, nectarine, leek, onion, squash, health grains and peanuts such as pine nuts and brown rice, brown sugar, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, ginseng, nutmeg, vinegar, and if you’re a meat eater, chicken, eel, ham, lamb, mussel, and shrimp.

Tell-tell signs of Earth Element imbalances include fatigue, poor skin and hair quality, bowel problems, stomachache, weak limbs, and poor muscle tone. This affects our concentration and memory, leading us to start worrying and over-thinking. And who wants that?

Feng Shui

Everyone in the Feng Shui world knows this month is going to be a little wonky. Both the Annual and Monthly Star afflictions will duplicate (see chart below). Meaning, the Flying Stars are the same in every sector.

(Sept. 2017 Flying Star Chart)

The South and Northwest sectors are especially sensitive with 5,5 and 2,2, respectively. Both these stars, with 5 being the worst, are signals for disaster, accidents, sickness, and misfortune. The Southern region of the U.S. is definitely feeling the effects of Mother Nature’s wrath. If your home has important rooms (e.g., bedroom, kitchen, main door, living room) located in these areas, make sure to place a Metal cure here to absolve the energy for the next 30 days.

Examples of Metal include: colors–white, silver, gray, metallic, copper, brass; number – 6; shape – round, curve, half-moon. A typical traditional cure is that of a 6-metal coins, like the one shown below. Learn more HERE.

The good news is, 8,8 and 9,9 are also duplicating in the East and Southeast, respectively. You can activate these areas IF (I emphasize a big, giant IF) the base chart of your home or office already has good Stars to begin with. Otherwise, leave it alone!

You will only know this if you’ve had a Classical Feng Shui evaluation done on your home, if not, consider getting one done! Visit HERE for more info. Once you know the base chart of your home, it’s easy to make the monthly and yearly adjustments so you can take better care of the Feng Shui for you and your family.

For fun, I want to add specific dates to pay attention to this month:

  • Sept. 12, 21, 30 and Oct. 6 ==> on this day, Daily Star 1 will be in the Center, triplicating the energy with the month and year. BAM! If 5,5 in the South wasn’t bad enough, imagine 5,5,5 in a single day! Yikes! Don’t worry, I don’t normally try to obsess over the daily stars, but since this month is extra “special,” I will observe it temporarily.

But we should also pay attention and be careful when Daily Star 5 is in the Southeast (9,9,5 for Fire disaster), Northwest (2,2,5) for Sickness and Disease, and North (6,6,5) for Metal disorder, etc. Needless to say, this month is extra tricky!

Fun facts: Did you know the harvest moon rises soon after sunset for a few days around September 23? For several nights in a row the time it rises changes very little. This means that farmers in the northern hemisphere can harvest their crops by the light of the moon after daylight has gone. Cool!

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