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BaZi Talk™: Same Birthdays – Part 1

Did you know the UNICEF estimates that an average of 353,000 babies are born each day around the world? That’s an incredible 255 births globally per minute or 4.3 births every second! Imagine, 353,000 people with the exact same birth year, month, and day pillars.


Twins have always been an interesting subject to study since the set is often born minutes apart and they exist from the same mother, family dynamic, and circumstance. Yet, despite it all, it seems that sometimes even twins with identical birth charts can exhibit slightly different personalities.

If you’ve learned much about BaZi, gender is an important factor when setting up a person’s BaZi chart. For twins, if one was a boy and one was girl, their charts are actually a little different because the luck cycles for a girl and a boy will move in opposite directions, essentially creating two different kinds of destinies.

But we won’t focus much on twins in this article (that’s for later). Today I want to explore the birth charts of those who were born on the same year, month, and day but from different families. For instance, I’m sure there were many people born on October 28, 1955. Did you know this is Bill Gates’ birthday? Or July 12, 1997 (Malala Yousafzai)? Or April 16, 1889 (Charlie Chaplin)?

Yet how come there is only one Bill Gates (tech tycoon), Malala (activist), or Charlie Chaplin (silent film comic actor) in the world that we know of? What sets them apart from the rest of the hundreds of others who also share the same birthday?

It begs the questions: is fate (or destiny) fixed?

I think the answer is yes because in some ways or form, our path in life is fixed, but it doesn’t necessarily exist in an isolated, uni-dimensional form. I believe destiny exists in conjunction with one’s ability to make choices (free-will). 

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The idea includes, but not limited to, our ability to take risks, the opportunities we choose to accept, our attitudes, moral values, and education, upbringing, and family influence. You also have to consider the circumstances in which we were born into.

For instance, if Bill Gates shared the same birthday with another man, say, who was born in Africa to a poor family in a desolate place with no access to resources and education, does his “luck” and chances of success share the same degree as Bill Gates who was born into an affluent family in Seattle, USA, later completed a prestigious degree at Harvard University, and is now worth over $90 billion?!

So, how come?

There is still much debate and research to be done, as well as exploration to get even a tiny dose of understanding on the mysterious inner workings of life (a whole Pandora’s box!). And while we may never get to the bottom of it, it’s still fun to think and talk about it. But here are a few things I know to be true:

Destiny exists. So, don’t resist the urge to go against it. Learn–and make friends with–your destiny and go with it.

Destiny has an important role. It sets the course at the beginning of a person’s life, as well as throughout.

Destiny is fixed. The fixed part you cannot change (sorry). You can’t change your age (no matter what you do to your physical body), you can’t change who your biological parents are (even if they are totally absent in your life), and you can’t change the circumstances in which you were born into (you were born the youngest of six children or born into an interracial parents). And in BaZi, the Chinese characters you see are fixed. They appear they way they are and will stay that way.

Destiny is also unfixed. I believe there are certain aspects of life when destiny offers a two-course path. I call this “the crossroads.” Oftentimes we say, “life throws you a curveball” and we are confronted with a dilemma of having to make a (hard) choice.

Do I go left or right?

Do I quit or forge ahead?

Should I accept Job A or Job B?

Should I take a risk or stay conservative?

Should I file for divorce or try to work it out?

Do I opt for a risky surgery to prolong my life or die with dignity?

…and the list obviously goes on. But these dramatic life-changing questions are posed throughout one’s lifetime. The answers are not always clear or totally right or wrong from one person to another, but each decision leaves an impact on the direction of how and where your life will go. Fate shows up this way and presents us with an opportunity to choose. We can always choose. 

I will refrain from digressing since the subject itself can be a book all on its own. But what I am trying to humbly articulate is that everything has a hand and it’s a mind-boggling see-saw of the yin-yang. But thankfully, human curiosity and superior intelligence have offered up a few valuable tools that allow many of us to unravel some of the secrets and mysteries in life. BaZi or Four Pillars of Destiny, is one amazing, fascinating, and insightful knowledge that allows us to appreciate our past, get perspective on our present, and to foresee parts of the future.

For Suri Cruise and Grier Hency, these two young ladies who seemingly look different (one is a brunette and the other is a redhead) and come from two different sets of parents, share the same birth chart. They were both born on April 18, 2006. Except, Suri is a little over 5 hours older. While the two gals are known for their famous parents, what can we say about this pair of 11-year-olds?

From the BaZi charts, we can see that both gals are born on a Yin Fire day, making them quite the sensitive kind. They share a “Robbing Wealth” quality, which means they are also generous and kind-hearted. While both may appear outgoing and open, they actually prefer to be more private. Their charts are surrounded by so many Earth Elements. These are their Intelligence Element, very smart, clever, creative, and articulate, but their skills are not the show-off or abrasive kind.

They are weak Yin Fire so they need Wood and Fire Elements. As you can see from their first luck at age 4-14 and second luck at age 14-24, these are twenty years of Wood luck–the best luck. Their childhood, going into their young adult life, is quite comfortable, sheltered, and supported.

Both sets of parents do work tirelessly harder than most celebrities to keep their girls out of the Hollywood spotlight, even though sometimes the attention is not entirely avoidable.

These gals also share one more important connection: they both dislike the Earth Element and therefore, are more susceptible to the negative energies of the Goat. Because both girls were born with a “half-combine Earth Penalty” (Dog Year, Ox Day), that means every time the Goat Element appears, it will form a string of Earth Penalty (similar to Donald Trump’s current luck).

The Goat brings bad luck.

So even though the two girls have two different circumstances, what happened to them when the Goat Year (2015) last appeared?

In 2015, Grier’s famous mom, Brooke Shields, appeared on the spotlight for settling a very long stalker case that haunted the family for years. Suri’s mom, Katie Holmes, also garnered unwanted attention on the speculation of her relationship with Jamie Foxx. Both incidences affected the mothers and brought an onslaught of uncomfortable scrutiny that I’m sure were hard for the children. So we’ll just have to monitor their progress when the next Goat year arrives again in 2027.

But here is just a small and simple example to looking at identical charts. The outside facade may seem different, but there are inklings of similarities if you look hard enough. In our BaZi training program, we have explored the likes of: 1) Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin; and 2) former President George W. Bush and Sylvester Stallone. These two sets also share the exact same birthdays. Are they really all that different? Maybe, maybe not! You’ll just have to keep on reading and learning!

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Happy Learning!

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