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Got baby fever? Well, if you’re thinking about having a baby this year or know someone who is expecting, consider this baby one of the luckiest babies around! Yes, I know, all babies are indeed lucky. But in the world of BaZi, younglings born in the Yin Fire Rooster 丁酉 Year are extra special!

When I explain what BaZi is to people, I often describe it like this:

When a person is born, they captured the essence–or the Elements–of that “moment in time” that essentially outlines the blueprint of their destiny and inherent luck. This can often be termed as “a person’s fortune.” And while a person’s birth date is fixed and unchangeable, the success of a person’s life is determined by the combination of his/her free will and “good luck.” That’s because having good luck doesn’t necessarily guarantee good fortune, but one must also make good choices.

In practice, when we are assessing a person’s birthday from a BaZi perspective, we can foresee their luck. Good or bad, a person’s luck cycle can show up as a myriad of positive opportunities or warnings for danger and struggles.

My teacher Grand Master Raymond Lo once told me you can analogize a person’s destiny to that of a car. Forgive me for the comparison here as I am not much of an automobile aficionado. But to put it bluntly, one may be born with ordinary qualities like a simple and economical vehicle. Or one can be born with exceptional qualities like that of a luxurious Rolls Royce or Lamborghini.

Example: this is BaZi, your birthday, destiny (or the car you drive)

Then, you have to take the person’s luck cycle into consideration. Luck is another term used to describe a person’s life path. It goes up and it goes down. And in keeping with the spirit of this example, you can say a person’s luck cycle is like the road you drive on. It can be an open and straight road, or a windy and steep one.

For some birthdays, you may be destined to drive a fancy car, but it also depends on the road in which you drive on. For instance, you can drive the fanciest and fastest car but if the road ahead is steep, windy, and obstructive, then your movement in life will be slower and hindered with obstacles. In other words, it takes you longer to see success in life. Conversely, you may be destined to drive an outdated vehicle–old and clunky–but if the road ahead is straight and free of obstructions, then you can move forward and achieve success in life much faster and with less hindrance.

Example: this is the Luck Cycles (or the road you drive on)

What I’m saying is, destiny and luck are two different things. And having good destiny and good luck is what most people aspire to have. But sometimes, life doesn’t always work out this way.

In my experience, when I am evaluating birthdates, as much as possible, I would like to see a person’s destiny to have strong and exceptional qualities as well as good luck. These aspects can help build them for success in life. In BaZi, we associate these qualities to many things, such as being born with Intelligence Element or with a Nobleman or Peach Blossom. These characteristics do not necessarily guarantee absolute success in life, but it does give them a stronger chance at succeeding and prospering.

That is why babies born in the Yin Fire Rooster 丁酉 Year is considered “lucky” because they will already be born with an Academic Star and a Nobleman. Academic Star simply denotes one’s intellectual abilities. They are clever, have a strong appetite for learning, and also have an appreciation for unconventional knowledge (i.e., life wisdom). Nobleman means they are already surrounded by helpful people in their lives. This can come from his or her grandparents, ancestors, or teachers and/or mentors. And because these qualities are already in their BaZi (destiny), it means these qualities are inherent gifts.

Of course, this only provides a little bit of insight into a person’s chart because we can only see their Year Pillar. The point is, new babies simply being born in 2017 will already possess these special qualities. If you know anyone turning 60 years old this year, let them know that they too have these qualities because they were born in 1957, also a Yin Fire Rooster 丁酉 Year!

One more thing, for babies born in the months of April, August, and December, they will also have a Peach Blossom star!

Trivia: Did you know many revolutionary politicians and successful businessmen in China were born on a Yin Fire Rooster 丁酉 day?

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