2016-08 Fire Monkey

Well, hello Monkey! This coming month marks another important timeline in the Chinese Calendar. This Yang Fire Monkey Month graces us on August 7th, duplicating with the energy of 2016. However way the year has manifested in your life, expect it to magnify in the next month. Good or bad, you’re equipped with the knowledge and awareness to optimize and manage the energy of the Monkey.

In my previous article, Hello, Monkey Month!, I discussed what this “duplicated” energy means. And how this divine timing is giving us the space to examine our ways of living in a more open, vulnerable, and honest way. Only then can we begin the re-branding of self. Indeed, all good things are worth fighting hard for. And struggles and hardships are lessons that unfold into something extraordinary and impactful.

Meaning of the Elements

Yang Fire is the Heavenly Stems 天干 and this is often compared to the bright sun. For Yang Fire people, they are open, warm-hearted, generous, and energetic. They view the world with a pair of rosy glasses, always looking at the best in people and the best of situations even in the darkest of places. Their need to “save” the world is innate that’s why they make great volunteers and service workers, for their hearts are that of gold. They thrive on things that promote joy. Their need for pleasantries, however, sometimes deter them from seeing reality–or what truly is. And so, their ultra positive and optimistic lens prevent them from grasping XXXX.

Other famous Yang Fire people include: Albert Einstein, Mariah Carey, Sandra Bullock, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ava Gardner, Steve Jobs, XXXX

Monkey is the seventh Earthly Branch 地支 in the celestial animal order of the Chinese Hsia Calendar. It also represents the beginning of the autumn (Metal) season–the Yin energy.

Elementally speaking, the Goat 未 is a Yin Earth 己 Element. But do not be fooled by its “Yin” quality. In face, the Goat 未 is considered the strongest of the 4 Earth Elements (Dragon 辰, Goat 未, Dog 戌, Ox 丑) because it is attached to the string of the Fire Season (summer); Fire 火 supports Earth 土. With the summer season transitioning out, the Earth 土 Element reminds us to make time for balance and good will.

BaZi Forecast

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BaZi for People

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  • Nobleman = If you were born in the Year or Day of Yin Wood or Yin Earth, Monkey is your Nobleman.
  • Clash = If you have a Tiger in your chart or in your Luck, August is a clash month. Carry the pendant of a Snake from August 7-September 7.
  • Penalty = Be mindful of Fire Penalty when the Monkey combines with the Tiger and Snake. If the latter two Animals appear anywhere in your Four Pillars or even in your current luck, this month will stir up some worries. Be careful of land accidents and be mindful of your health and wellbeing.

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