Spring has sprung! On March 5th, the arrival of the Rabbit 卯 month signals the season’s peak. Happy Spring to you!

In the Chinese classics, the Wood 木 Element corresponds to the spring, described as the birth of Yang Energy. It is forceful, vigorous, warming, and expansive. What a wonderful time to get things going! Take advantage of the energy of Spring, because it has the ability to initiate action and change, and to experience creativity and new ideas. I am enjoying a very productive and fruitful start to the Rooster 酉 Year so I hope it has been the same for you!


I’m getting straight to the point… Watch out for March! HA!

A bit dramatic, I know. And even Grand Master Raymond Lo has expressed some concerns with the Rabbit 卯 month this year. The energy shift will be swift and jolting. What’s more, the Rabbit 卯 month starts exactly also on a Rabbit 卯 day — a double clash against the Rooster 酉 year. Eck!

Our 2017 forecast calls for some warning and caution towards (at least) two very sensitive months, and March will definitely be one of them. March is a Yin Water Rabbit 癸卯 month, which is a total clash against the Yin Fire Rooster 丁酉 year. (Heavenly Stems 天干 Yin Water 癸 clashes against Yin Fire 丁; and Earthly Branches 地支 the Rabbit 卯 clashes against the Rooster 酉).

This means we can expect some energetic disturbances affecting the environment and weather, certain countries situated in the South and East sectors, and human harmony (health and relationships)!

Let me explain the significance as it relates both to BaZi 八字 and Flying Star Feng Shui 風水.


We focus on people born on a Yin Water 癸 day master because the month is a Yin Water 癸 month.

Yin Water 癸 (Day Master) people are very humble, modest, sweet, and very private. They exhibit great qualities when it comes to getting along with people, keeping the peace, and avoiding conflicts. Because they tend to be more private and reserved, they are sometimes harder to get to know. They are not as transparent and open as their Yang Water 壬 counterparts, so they can easily close up, often keep to themselves, and rarely vocalize anything negative or out of the norm, including sharing their inner hurt or worries. At times, it’s like pulling teeth trying to get a Yin Water 癸 person to open up! But inside, they are genuinely very kind and polite, and they seek unity and comfort wherever possible and at whatever cost!

Famous Yin Water 癸 people: Mother Teresa, Jackie Chan, Reese Witherspoon, Johnny Depp, Rachel McAdams, Chloe Moretz, Emilia Clarke, Jennifer Grey, Kate Beckinsale, Olivia Palermo, to name a few.

You may click on the links below to learn more about the meanings of the symbolic stars.

  • Nobleman = March is your Nobleman month if you were born in the Year or Day of Yang Water 壬 or Yin Water 癸. You can enjoy meeting plenty of helpful people and getting the support you need. A great month to take some risks!
  • Peach Blossom = March is your relationship month if you were born in the Year or Day of Monkey 申, Rat 子, Dragon 辰. Love is in the air! Get out, mingle, and socialize.
  • Clash = If you have a Rooster 酉 in your Four Pillars or Luck Pillar, shake it and move it this month! This is your Clash month. Expect it to be a dynamic month. Avoid making long-term plans; otherwise, be open to things changing. And be careful of small bones and minor accidents. Carry the pendant of a Dragon 辰.
  • Penalty = If you have a Rat 子 in your Four Pillars, then March is a penalty month. If the Rat 子 is in your Day Pillar, watch out for relationship heartaches. Just remember, this “blip” is just temporary. So better bite your tongue and keep the peace!

BaZi – Relationships

Let’s get to the juicy part. March is a Peach Blossom month, just like the Rooster 酉 is a Peach Blossom year. It’s a whole lot of goodness for love and romance, which carries the energy for falling in love, developing new love interests, and connecting with new people. It’s a wonderful time for chance meeting with a new mate or to deepen and improve an existing one — love interest or friendship.

However, the clash can also drum up some drama; therefore, expect sex scandals and love affairs to surface. If you were born in the Year or Day of Rooster 酉 or Rabbit 卯, be mindful how this month will affect your marriage, relationships, and mood.

In other words, if your relationship area is already currently sensitive (or rocky), be proactive and communicate expectations openly, honestly, and with integrity so as to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstandings. If you are under clash, patience can also go a long way, especially if you already have a Rooster 酉 in your Day Pillar affecting the House of Spouse. The clash month will aggravate your self-penalty, causing more riff and discomfort, arguments and irritations.

The clash will also entice you to examine the current state of your affairs as it relates to your work and where you live. The Elements will present an opportunity for you to make some positive changes in these areas. Don’t be scared. Find the courage to be bold and brave. So whatever needs fixin’, start it this month. And remember: March could be the Pandora’s box for what’s to come for the rest of the year!

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Flying Star

The South and East are extra sensitive this month. Annual Star 1 is in the Center. Monthly Star 7 is in the Center. That means 5,2 will connect in the South and 8,5 in the East. These Flying Star combinations will bring sickness, disaster, and a general sense of disharmony and discomfort. The cures for both sectors this month is Metal.

Use 6 metal coins or 6 metal rod wind chimes if these sectors happen to be an important area of your home, such as your main door, master bedroom, kitchen, or living room. No need to fuss if these areas happen to be your waste rooms, such as bathrooms, laundry room, or storage space. So keep it simple!

Good news is you could POSSIBLY activate the energy in the West because 3,9 connects: 3 (Wood) supports 9 (Fire). However, this is largely dependent on the inherent Feng Shui (base chart) of your home. If you already have a good star in the West (8, 9, or 1), then you can place an active object here to enhance and stimulate the good energy this month. If you’re not sure, don’t do anything or call me to assess the Feng Shui of your home. Click here to read more: 8 Common Feng Shui Enhancements.

Be mindful of the Northeast Sector with 4,1 for sex scandal or laziness. But it’s a good area to use for studying, meditating, creating, or writing because 4,1 is also the symbolic pair for Academic Star.

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The Rooster’s 酉 (Metal) clash against the Rabbit 卯 (Wood) can break small bones. Therefore, be careful of your wrists, fingers, ankles, neck, and lower back (spine). If you’re into athletic sports or yoga, take greater care especially if you are under clash this year.

Since we are in the springtime, and Yin Wood 乙 (Rabbit) is the liver, let’s give this sweet organ an extra boost! Metal 辛 (Rooster) cutting Wood (Rabbit) will put an extra strain on the liver and blood. Consider doing some gentle cleanses and ease up on the alcohol.

Emotionally, the Element relates to anger and frustration. This is a wonderful and synchronistic time to transform both emotions into insight and patience. Because the liver exhibits a person’s qualities as a visionary, the body needs tremendous vitality through maintaining a healthy and clear vision of where s/he wants to get to in the future and how s/he can make it happen.

And because the Fire energy is starting to dwindle (Yin Fire Year), we also need to pay attention to our visual system, including the eyes and the visual cortex. The Nei Jing says the Liver “…governs the eyes; the eyes see the darkness and mystery of Heaven and they discover Tao, the Right Way among mankind.”

Get some sleep! The hun rises from the Liver to the eyes during sleep to allow dreaming. When awake after a restful night, it powers the manifestation of these dreams. It gives the vision to change direction (clash), maintain flexibility, and make effective decisions and plans.

Some easy, helpful tips to get yourself back on track:

  • Focus on what you can control.
  • Be good to your liver. See your acupuncturist for some extra love.
  • Be flexible, in the mind and in the body (stretch!)
  • Let go of anger and hostility: it can kill you!
  • Lighten the load and practice forgiveness.
  • Zoom out and look at the big picture. Perspective is everything.
  • Patience is a virtue.
  • Channel anger and frustrations in a virtuous and healthy manner.
  • At the end of the day, keep it simple.

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