BaZi Talk™: 8 Ways to Welcome 2018 Year of the Earth Dog!

“There is nothing which heaven does not cover,

and nothing which earth does not sustain.” – Chuang Tzu, 369-286 B.C.

 New Year’s celebrations, with their emphasis on romance and indulgence, might seem totally secular. But underneath all that glitter and sparkle is an ancient holiday with deep spiritual roots. For centuries, people have been observing the end of one year and the beginning of another.

That’s why the New Year is usually marked as a signal for renewal and rebirth, and a time when we get to reflect back on the previous year and take stock of both the blessings—and lessons—that came into our lives.

One way the Chinese prepare for the upcoming year is by learning and understanding what the coming-year’s energy means and how it will impact them specifically. It surely is a wonderful and intentional way to align your actions, feelings, and major decisions with the new cycle. I believe that no matter how the energy will transpire for you, this awareness helps you navigate the year with ease, perspective, and success!

The Elements for the Year 2018 is called Yang Earth Dog 戊戌. Because an Earth Element “sits on top” of the Dog (and the Dog is also an Earth Element), this combination can sometimes be referred to as “Dog Going into Mountain.” The relationship and theme of these Elements is particularly complicated and ominous. But the overall sentiment can be summarized like this:

The year encourages the desire for independence and self-reliance. However, this does not necessarily mean there is any less generosity or thoughtfulness from others. The energy simply helps to open up the space for nurturing and cultivating intuition and foresight.

The Earth Dog will officially grace us on February 4th (bye, Rooster Year)! Here are some suggestions on how you can reel in and embrace the 2018 Earth energy:

  1. Health is Wealth.

There is nothing more important than nurturing and maintaining a vibrant and strong body. Because the Dog Element forms part of the Earth Penalty string, it is particularly important to pay closer attention to how Earth-related diseases will manifest in the body, especially this year.

Earth is related to the central region of the body—the core—which includes the stomach, pancreas, spleen, digestive system, central nervous system, cells, and overall immunity. Because the Fire energy is totally absent now, the central region of the body will be particularly sensitive and more vulnerable to diseases like cancer, digestive issues, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, weight gain, as well as that related to the heart, eyes, blood circulation, and the brain.

Keep the body in tip-top shape by incorporating more physical movements that resonate to your liking. No matter what it may look like to you, the point here is to keep the body active. Also, eat foods that are more agreeable to the digestive health including eliminating inflammatory-and allergy inducing foods such as refined sugars, gluten, fried foods, dairy, artificial sweetener and additives, processed meats, and so on.

As much as possible, seek professional support from a natural doctor, acupuncturist, or herbal therapist to help you formulate a holistic lifestyle and diet plan. Moreover, do your best to incorporate more mind-body practices like yoga, meditation, and getting regular body work done. Everything worth fighting for is worth working hard for even if the results are painstakingly slow. Keep a steady and persistent pace and you will begin to see healthy progress over time. Make health your priority and aim for optimal health. It’s never too late to start somewhere!

  1. Be One with Mama Earth.

The Earth Element represents the soil, valleys, meadows, canyons, mountains, and planet Earth that carries us through the darkness of space with security and stability. Therefore, it’s time to take a tech gadgets hiatus and hit the ground running (or walking), even if it’s just to the park around the corner from your home or office. There are countless scientific studies that show the benefits of being outside in nature instead of sitting indoors for prolonged periods of time. These life-changing benefits include improving short-term memory and concentration, restoring mental energy, and helping manage stress, and may even help ward off cancer. You can read it all here.

Going out to nature and reconnecting with your external landscape can literally feel like a breath of fresh air. You are building a connection between you and nature to promote vitality not just for your physical self, but also for your spiritual self. Nature helps to release the endorphins in your brain to the rest of the body. It feels great and, after a while, spending time in nature will become a positive habit!

  1. Be an Environmental Steward.

It’s no secret that our planet is crying out for help, or at least, warning us of the impending doom if we continue to abuse and deplete our natural resources. The Earth has a funny way of healing itself, but why not get involved and be a part of the solution, too? You can start small by buying fresh produces from local co-ops, bringing your own bag, recycling waste, or conserving water and energy at home. You can also consider planting more trees, tending to a garden, building your own vegetable or fruit garden, or making better choices as a consumer.

Perhaps overhauling yourself to becoming a full-time environmentalist is not so realistic at this time, but you can certainly baby-step it. Get educated and be a mindful steward and a proactive advocate for planet Earth.

  1. Examine Your Earthly Tribe.

Unification is the guiding principle of the Earth Element. That’s why the power of the Earth Element comes from the capacity to link, nurture, and sustain. What is linking you to the people in your life today? Is the relationship nurturing and sustainable

The 2018 Earth year now calls for some serious and honest examination of the relationship dynamic you share with those around you. Are you bound by duty and guilt or have you chosen to nurture it purely out of love and respect? Relationships are forged on what is mutually shared, which brings emotional and physical prosperity to all.

  1. Who Is Your Mother?

The archetype for the Earth Element is the Mother, which represents the unconditional love of a healthy mother and the nourishing qualities that exist within every person. The mother is always reliable, always there to comfort.

To honor the spirit of the Mother, it may be time to examine how your mother (or mother figure) has influenced and played a role in your life, both in positive and challenging ways. Did the source of your roots come from a safe, secure, and nourishing environment? How have those experiences impacted you into your adult life? What areas of your life need healing if your own childhood lacked it?

Fertility and pregnancy are also correspondences of the Earth Element. So, if you’re a mother, how have you stood out to your family and own children? What changes or adjustments have you made from your own childhood experience to becoming a mother?

Remember nourishment, satisfaction, contentment, and sensuality are qualities that correspond with the Earth, the Mother.

  1. Quiet Down for Spirit.

The spiritual quality associated with the Earth Element is called yi, translated as intent. Yi is also connected to memory of the five senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. Because Yi is the center direction, it is the stabilizing and grounding force from which our past connects to the present moment.

The Dog year encourages us to dedicate more time and space for introspection and spiritual development, which is the functions of thought, cognition, and intellectual activity.

The Earth energy also means you are momentarily free of the cycle of birth, growth, decay, and death. There is a hiatus, a period in which time seems to stop just long enough for you to catch your breath and take a good look around you. And because Earth represents the center of gravity, the point of reference around which all other aspects of character and structure orient themselves, it has the capacity to guide which direction you should go.

  1. Get Your Annual BaZi Refresh

If you enjoy incorporating annual New Year’s rituals such as creating a vision board, setting new goals, or clearing clutter, you should also consider getting your personal annual BaZi update with me. While BaZi is not quite an astrology reading, it is closely associated with understanding the energetic influence of the present time with your birth date. In other words, you can better understand what the new year will bring specifically to you.

“Going with the flow” is a common Western statement that ends up in a dark abyss because it is vague and different for everyone. BaZi can help articulate, clarify, and validate the intuitive pulses that you may already have inside you. Moreover, you can better align your yearly goals, plans, and desires with a more intentional and deliberate approach while still leaving room for the sweet surprises in life. I believe it is a healthy and fun way to start the New Year! Click here to learn more.

  1. Feng Shui Your Home

Just like the fortune of a person (i.e., BaZi), the space you live and work in will also experience its own unique ups and downs. Feng Shui is an amazing tool that helps you better understand the energetic qualities and influence of your physical environment. In other words, it puts compelling meaning to what you are feeling about your space; and in turn, what will manifest in your life.

No matter what your primal concern is – be it about money, health and relationship harmony, or overall wellness – incorporating the knowledge of Feng Shui will not only give you perspective on how the year’s energy will transpire within your space, but it can also better equip you to proactively manage the energetic cycles of the year and to better your space with your personal energies with ease and success. Click here to learn more.

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