This article is a continuation from the piece written: BaZi Talk™: Year of the Dog – Part 1. I also suggest you read this article: BaZi Talk™: Difference Between the Year Animal Sign and Heaven Stem of Day, so you’ll understand why, begrudgingly, I am going to write and include the “horoscope” for those who were born in the Year of the Dog! 🙂

If you were (or know someone) born in 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970, 1958, 1946, 1934, 1922, 1910, etc., then this is for you. Enjoy!



You have an honest and courageous nature, ready to fight for a worthy cause or to defend those in trouble. Hence, you stand up against injustice and abuse. You always try your best to do what could be perceived as morally correct. Sometimes you feel it is your duty to point out weaknesses—not out of spite, but because you feel honesty is the best policy.

You are claircognizant, meaning you are sensitive and empathetic with an inner knowing of wisdom. Sometimes the knowing is a feeling you know to be true without knowing how you know it to be true. Does that make sense? In other words, you possess intuitive power to see, feel, or hear what others cannot.

You are loyal and authentic, and often demand the same qualities from those closest to you.

People find you to be reliable and trustworthy especially when it comes to keeping a promise or remaining “cool and collected” in crisis. You exude confidence and righteousness without appearing too abrasive or judgmental.

However, there is a pessimistic side to your character, and your spirit is drained when you hear of situations beyond your control. You sometimes find the world overwhelming and need to withdraw from crowds to a quiet place where you can mull over these worries. The mountain is often the preferred place of solace.

Try not to exhaust yourself thinking about problems that have not yet materialized. There is no doubt that you have a strong sense of duty and responsibility, but at times you need to learn to relax, relinquish the need for control, and realize that it is impossible for you to should every burden.


You are a good listener but sometimes you are more reluctant to burden your worries on others. You need a lot of reassurance and encouragement, especially in relationships. You enjoy being around others who can also exude the same confidence and adventurous spirit as you.

You are faithful and compassionate but it is important to you that your loyalty is reciprocated. You do not enjoy the excitement of the chase or thrive on jealous scenes, and when you feel isolated you soon become anxious and reserved, and the wall around your heart begins to build up.

You are picky and it could take you a long time to regain your trust once you have been hurt or deceived.

You may find it easier to form a friendship first and let it slowly develop into a romance, but once committed, you are loving, faithful, and will not be slow to defend your partner’s reputation. You will do whatever it takes to maintain–and protect–the purity of the love and affection you both share.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that you should not be distressed by imaginings caused by an incidental remark or unintentional criticism when you already know that the relationship is established on firm foundations.


You can be relied upon to act responsibly and can be trusted with sensitive information. You need a clear sense of your job description and its final aim; but once sure of your role, you are a dedicated and steady worker.

Avoid aggressive and competitive occupations as these will only make you nervous and anxious. Focus instead on work that enables you to build trusting relationships with other people.

You are a conscientious and enthusiastic colleague, and once you have made a commitment, you will fulfill it to the best of your ability.

You work well independently and in a team, and can excel into a leadership position.

You like to keep the peace but you are not afraid to “rock the boat” when it is needed.

You are suited to a career in education, law, social work, research, or healing. You would also be a good teacher, doctor, counselor, campaigner, or member of a religious order.

Happy Learning!

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