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When people are curious about making big, bold moves in life, like changing careers or relocating to a new city, they always ask about the timing when the energy is supportive to such a risky move.

Take a moment, if you will, and think about the times when you experienced a more dynamic and compelling time in your life when you feel as if your whole world has turned upside down. Ironically, this energy is actually supporting you to turn your world right-side up. And the symbolic star that is responsible for this kind of shift is called the “Traveling Horse,” or the “Traveling Star.”

The energy of the Traveling Star can feel a lot like a clash, because any big change is a disruption in the normal day-to-day flow of things. Sometimes the energy of the Traveling Star ends up causing anxieties and apprehensions when too many changes are happening at once, especially when the changes bring a barrage of uncertainties about the future. And so, the experience often feels uncomfortable, turbulent, unsettling, and even exhausting.

While the Traveling Star is an energy that brings disruptive movement, it’s important to remember that it mostly promotes positive changes in your life. That’s why it is good to make all the necessary adjustments in the home, including moving houses, changing jobs, and working on yourself or strengthening relationships during this time. You can ride the roller coaster waves a lot better if you adjust and manage your attitude, behaviors, and action accordingly. Knowing this information ahead, I feel, gives you the upper hand. In a way, I believe it also helps to lessen the mind-boggling turn of events, and offers you a chance to proactively plan ahead; and therefore, make better choices.

Remember, anything that is not in alignment with your destiny must eventually fall no matter how nerve-racking it is or fearful and doubtful you may feel during a period of transition. Transformation is scary but also a necessary “evil,” because the Traveling Star energy is saying this: it’s time to let go, try new things, and make important changes in your life in such a way that will only enhance and improve your life for many years to come.

Say “yes” to change!

To derive this symbolic star, you can calculate yours using this table:

Birth Year or Birth Day                Traveling Star


Monkey 申 + Rat 子 + Dragon 辰       Tiger 寅

Pig 亥+ Rabbit 卯 + Goat 未                Snake 巳

Tiger 寅 + Horse 午 + Dog 戌              Monkey 申

Snake 巳 + Rooster 酉 + Ox 丑           Pig 亥

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Peach Blossom



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