Feng Shui Chinese Five Elements

This is an excerpt from Jen’s book, The First Guidebook for Feng Shui Enthusiasts
5 elements

“The Chinese have long observed the cycles of nature. They revered and admired the gifts of the seasons as nature progresses through its unending cycle. And they believed human beings experience the same cycles of change within.

Maybe you’ve noticed this in yourself. As the seasons shift, your physical nature – mind, body, emotions – reflects these changes.

Think for a moment about the clothes you wear, the foods you eat, your mood, and the cycles of thought and emotion that arise in you with the start of a new season.

As the leaves begin to turn and fall in the autumn, you prepare to let go of the workings of the hyperactive mind and begin to slow down. You gradually pile on the layers and witness the obvious shifts of the changing colors in your surroundings. In the winter, you cocoon and nest and reach for heavier, heartier foods to warm up your body. As spring approaches, your senses are stimulated and reawakened. The flowers bloom, grasses become green, and everything comes alive again, signifying a new beginning. And when you arrive at the peak of summertime, you shed any remaining layers kept from seasons past and bask in the heat and sunshine, overwhelming the body with aliveness and movement.

You become the season. And so you are the elements.”

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