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According to the ancient classics, there are three distinct – but intercon- nected – forces that influence your journey in life. Each one is equally weighted in importance without regard to hierarchy or order. The Cosmic Trinity, also called the Power of Three, is made up three types of luck:

Heaven Luck, or Destiny Luck, refers to your destiny DNA. It is believed that, at the instant of your conception, you captured the energy of the universe at that moment in time. It cannot be changed. In other words, Chinese Metaphysics teaches that one-third of your life’s path may be pre- determined by destiny. These factors include the timing and location of your birth, who your ancestors are, the circumstances you were born into, your family background, and your innate talents and limitations. These are the things that “fate” or “destiny” predetermined for you. This is your ultimate purpose in life and it is unique to each and every person.

Man Luck refers to the things you can control. This, of course, is free will. These are the choices you make every day to improve (or worsen) your life. These include your virtues, actions or inactions, decisions, behaviors, emo- tions, attitude, thoughts, education, cultural and religious beliefs, and the people you choose to associate with. You ultimately decide how you want to see and experience each stage of your life’s path, and how you will suc- cessfully navigate each obstacle and grow from it.

Earth Luck refers to the influences of your environment and how the energy in the environment interacts with your personal energy. These influ- ences come from the spaces you occupy in your home, as well as the places you choose to work, spend time in, and raise your family. Practitioners use and apply Feng Shui to harness the benevolent energy from the earth to positively influence your life.

Note from Jen: If you follow the concept of the Cosmic Trinity, the impression that Feng Shui is “magic” or a “cure all” becomes unsustainable. The philosophy of the Cosmic Trinity states that your destiny is governed equally by three separate but unified forces. Feng Shui can play a big role but can only ever influence one-third of your life’s journey through Earth Luck. To change the outcome of your destiny, the Chinese believe you must first have good ances- tral luck (Heaven), have good virtues to increase your personal luck (Man), and then implement good Feng Shui (Earth).

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