Feng Shui Luo Pan 101: How To Care For Your Compass

A Feng Shui Luo Pan, or Compass, is an essential tool in executing an accurate and effective Feng Shui evaluation. Here are some reminders on how to protect your precious asset:

  • Keep your Luo Pan in a dry and cool place, preferably not under direct sunlight or heat.
  • Always return the Luo Pan in the case after every use.
  • Do not store it near heavy metal objects or any electrical devises such as TV, radio, or laptop. This is to protect the magnetic needle.
  • The Luo Pan is like a swordsman’s sword — the more you use it, the better it will work for you. Similarly, it is considered a divination tool; as such, it is best not to pass it around for others to use or play with. The energy of the Luo Pan stays with the owner.

Pictured here is the Raymond Lo Combined San Yuen San He Luo Pan and available for purchase (USA distribution only). The Luo Pan includes all of the essential information for both the San Yuan and San Ke Schools. It is approximately 16 cm in diameter, lightweight, reliable, and easy to carry. It also comes with a protective sleeve. Made in Taiwan. Quality inspected in Japan.

Luo Pan-re

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