Feng Shui Your Wallet: It’s a Gimmick

Have you ever heard of “Feng Shui Your Wallet”? If you have, please read on. If you haven’t, consider yourself blissfully lucky, but do read on just for fun…

First of all, there is no such thing as “Feng Shui-ing” your wallet; and logic debunks the “Feng Shui Your Wallet” phenomena. If attracting wealth were as simple as picking the right kind of wallet or cleaning out receipts or choosing a certain color, then heck, there would be no poverty in the world! It sounds like the perfect gimmick, doesn’t it?

The fundamental idea of the Feng Shui discipline is related to Yin (burial sites) and Yang (dwellings for people) houses. You cannot “Feng Shui” your wallet and then expect it to magically produce Ben Franklins or increase your individual wealth and prosperity singlehandedly. Can Feng Shui bring wealth, though? Yes, it can. But it doesn’t work like this. Unfortunately, this is a very common and popular misconception about Feng Shui today.


The traditional Feng Shui approach is about examining the internal and external spaces, the physical environment, and the abstract energy related to time and space. It is NOT about trivial objects like your wallet, your car, or your clothes! Yes, there is also Feng Shui Your Car and Feng Shui Fashion!

While it does make for an interesting motivation to empower you to be more intentional with your life, it is not related to Feng Shui at all.

In practice, I’ve actually worked with some wealthy folks who have the messiest wallets/purses. Just imagine unorganized receipts, bulky load, outdated styles, and boring colors. And some do not even OWN a wallet!! So how can you explain their wealth if they do not have the “perfect” Feng Shui Wallet?

The bottom line is: Feng Shui Your Wallet is a gimmick. It’s false Feng Shui. And if anyone tries to charge you a fee to tell you what kind of wallet you should carry, kindly ask for your money back. And keep it in your wallet. You’ll thank me later.