BaZi Talk™: Dilma Rousseff

BaZi Talk™: Dilma Rousseff

It’s been a while since I’ve shared any “BaZi Talks” lately, and the recent impeachment rumblings of Brazil’s 36th President Dilma Rousseff got me thinking… what’s going on?


Ms. Rousseff’s self element is Weak Yin Fire 丁 person; therefore, she needs Wood and Fire. These are her favorable elements, and the Wood element is her priority because it provides the most crucial and vital support for her chart. Her life experience (and luck pillars) also align with this assessment. Hence, her unfavorable elements are: Earth, Metal, Water.

She won the presidential re-election in 2014 because she still had the support of the energy of the year–Yang Wood Horse (Fire) 甲午.

Unfortunately, with the combination of the energy of 2015 Yin Wood Goat 乙未 Year ending (indicating the Wood element is already quite weak) and celebrating her 68th birthday, these chain of events started the “wheel of bad luck” for her.

This 68th birthday is significant because her luck changed dramatically from Fire (favorable) to Earth (unfavorable). She shifted into the luck of Yin Earth Goat (Earth) 己未–10-year of misfortune.

If you look closely, you can even see that the current luck also forms a string of Wood Season:

Pig 亥 + Rabbit 卯 + Goat 未

Sadly, this string does not benefit her at all because the Goat 未 represents the “grave of Wood,” where the Wood element dies. That’s why, her 10-year Goat 未 Luck–an Earth element–is considered unlucky, coupled by the proceeding years when the elements are predominantly Metal, Earth, and Water–totally lacking any Wood and Fire; therefore, this will pose a very difficult time in her life, and perhaps the end of her political career altogether.

So what does this mean for the current president in the short run? The impeachment may proceed at the senate level, which would formally suspend her presidency. My sentiment is that she will be forced to step down and resign.

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