There’s a Chinese adage, “Avoid moving the soil on top of the Grand Duke’s head.” You might ask what—or who—is the Grand Duke.

Every year, depending on your year of birth, you have to pay extra attention to the Grand Duke so as not to offend it. The Grand Duke refers to the celestial animal sign that resides in the current year. For example, the Grand Duke was the Monkey in 2016, the Rooster in 2017, and the Dog in 2018. This year belongs to the Pig.

Because there are 12 celestial animals and they rotate every year, that means every 12 years, you run into offending the Grand Duke when your birth year sign duplicates with the animal sign of the current year. Therefore, if you were born in 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, and 2007, then this article is specifically for you!

When enraged, the energy of the Grand Duke is notorious for causing accidents and initiating obstacles in one’s life. Traditionally, the Chinese would offer their prayers at a temple. Today, you can consider reviewing your BaZi chart before undertaking high risk projects or making big life-changing decisions, particularly if you are entering the year a bit shaky already.

With the Pig standing in the position of the Grand Duke, 2019 shall prove to be a tumultuous year. Confront each obstacle with an open mind, and keep your end goal in sight. Stay safe at all times and pay attention to your surroundings.

Year 1947 – Fire Pig 丁亥

Do not interfere in children’s domestic affairs.

As you grow in years, pay attention to your heart. If you experience irregular heartbeat, tightness of the chest, or difficulty breathing, seek medical attention at once. These seemingly minor discomforts, if left untreated, can build up into a heart attack. Try to avoid long distance travel and staying up too late at night.

If you live with your children and grandchildren, make the most of it and enjoy spending quality time with your descendants. However, bear in mind that younger generations have their own views and methods for raising their children; do not interfere in their domestic affairs so as to avoid conflict and disharmony that may even affect your heart.

Year 1959 – Earth Pig 己亥

Look on the bright side of life.

As you face the Grand Duke this year, you may feel uneasy and forlorn. Instead of worrying, rely on your faith or spiritual practice for ease or reassurance. In fact, your luck is not as bad as you fear. With the protection of lucky stars, your optimistic nature will help you find a way out of all problems.

You need to slowly accept that you are now a “senior citizen” and no longer as agile and energetic as you wish. Leave the heavy chores to the younger folks and let go of your worries for your children. They have their own destiny.

Year 1971 – Metal Pig 辛亥

Be tactful and considerate of others’ feelings.

In this highly emotional and unstable year, you may often lack tact and thought in your words and may be too direct, which hurts others and leads to conflict. Once you sense that you have offended others, immediately explain yourself and apologize in order to resolve any misunderstandings or resentments.

Intent is often a matter of what others hear, not just what you say, and you may step on many toes with your irreverent personality. Even if the other party does not show it, they will still feel put off. Watch your words and actions and be silent if you can.

Year 1983 – Water Pig 癸亥

Work on your emotional intelligence.

This year, your emotions will ebb and flow uncontrollably like the ocean tides, causing you to offend others with your knowledge. Your emotional maturity directly influences your interpersonal connections and is extremely important in the workplace. As someone seasoned in life and work, inexperience is no longer an excuse for your lack of etiquette or manners. Learn to handle people with grace and courtesy.

You will encounter more unexpected situations this year. Hence, avoid high risk investments as their volatility will work against you. Similarly, to reduce your exposure to danger, avoid high risk activities and places which are prone to natural disasters.

Year 1995 – Wood Pig 乙亥

Stay true to your heart.

You will enjoy utmost creativity and productivity this year. Make use of this time to do as much as you can and produce exceptional work, and others will see you in a whole new light. However, creativity is not the only element for success: you need to be more analytical and persuasive to make your ideas more easily accepted by others.

That said, do not be too conscious of others’ opinions and cynicism as that will cause you to question yourself unnecessarily. While your confidence may waver while seeking approval for your work, you will eventually meet benefactors who regard you highly and support you in your journey.

Year 2007 – Fire Pig 丁亥

Preparations make exams easier to handle.

Avoid any extracurricular activities that are more physically challenging and risky, as you may get injured and lose progress on your exam preparations and academic studies. At the same time, do not give yourself too much pressure to perform. Just try your best and do not let others’ expectations bog you down.

Parents should encourage children to exercise more and adopt a healthy diet so as to reduce the odds of falling ill. Last minute cramming is also insufficient for good results, so help your child set up a regular revision schedule.

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