November 2019 Yin Wood Pig Feng Shui & BaZi Update

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” – Willie Nelson

Holy cow, it’s Thanksgiving month! Turkey, football, and pumpkin spiced lattes abound—reminding us that we are merely weeks away from all the year-end seasonal festivities before signing off. Sayonara, 2019 Pig year! And as I power through the remaining months, frantically checking off my lengthy lists of to-dos, my husband is a beaming light reminding me to take a beat: Jen, slow down. Take a breath. Look up and check out the clear blue sky.

Seeing my girlfriends’ kids, I am astonished at how much they have grown, transitioning from the cutesy bah-bah-bah baby talk to now forming clear and complete sentences. Or how a 10-pound sleepy baby once tucked safely in mama’s arms is now running amuck with their newly discovered strong, sturdy legs. Children are the external clocks for humans, the evidence that time indeed does tick-tock its way ceaselessly onward even when things appear to stay the same. Growing up, getting older, moving on, and the changing and shifting of things are the inevitable facts of life.

Oh, I can’t help but get sentimental and deep this time of year, especially when I do look up from my laptop and notice the seasonal effects. For us especially in Arizona, Autumn is a welcome reprieve. Our body’s agitated nervous system from the hot, hot summer is beginning to calm—slowing and steadying with the beat of the cooler weather. Yes!

Aren’t you in awe of it all? Nature, in its myriad forms, is undeniably the most powerful force on earth. Although mankind has certainly tried, we have not found a way to match its awesome power, but we have found ways to work with it. Science often confirms the wisdom of the ancients who observed and learned to harness nature’s rhythms and cycles to shape and enhance their lives. So, as we prepare for the winter months, our bodies will also begin to mimic and emote nature’s themes.

Meaning of the Month

The Elements of November is Yin Wood Pig (Water) 乙亥. The Month will duplicate with the Year: Pig-Pig 亥亥. Starting on Nov. 7, the Pig 亥 will also seal the start of the winter season. In other words, we are now officially moving into the full energy of the Water Element.

Yin Wood 乙 is the Heavenly Stem, symbolizing a flower. It sits on top of the Pig 亥, a Water Element. Because in the Chinese Five Element cycle, Water strengthens Wood, you can say that this flower is in full bloom. A flower in full bloom is beautiful, graceful, flexible, accommodating, and adaptable. A balanced Yin Wood 乙 Day Master person may exhibit these qualities, and when supported by Water, it can also be a compelling source of reason and kindness.

Famous Yin Wood ladies: Princess Diana, Julianne Moore, Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, Lynda Carter, Emma Stone, Malala, Queen Noor of Jordan, and Nicole Kidman.

Famous Yin Wood gents: Bill Clinton, Prince William, Hugh Jackman, John Travolta, Brad Pitt, Mike Rowe, Sebastian Junger, Kip Thorne, John Ritter, and John Wayne.

BaZi 八字

November is your Nobleman if:

  • The Heavenly Stem of your Day or Year Pillar is Yang Fire 丙 or Yin Fire 丁.
  • You were born in years ending 6 or 7 (such as 1956 or 1997).

Read more about Nobleman HERE.

November is your Traveling Star if:

  • The Earthly Branch of your Day or Year Pillar is Snake 巳, Rooster 酉, or Ox 丑.

Read more about Traveling Star HERE.

November is your Clash if:

  • You have a Snake 巳 animal sign anywhere in your Four Pillars, such as if you were born in the Year, Month, Day, or Hour of Snake 巳. Be extra careful this month because the Snake 巳 energy can heighten the intensity of the clash. Be sure you are carrying the jade pendant of the Tiger to appease the clash.

Read more about Clash HERE.

November is your Self Penalty if:

You have a Pig 亥 animal sign anywhere in your Four Pillars, such as if you were born in the Year, Month, Day, or Hour of Pig 亥. However, the most sensitive penalty is if you were born on the day of the Pig 亥. Be mindful of your behavioral quirks and avoid over indulgence and self-sabotage. Use this as an opportunity to rise above and transform from your negative patterns and thoughts into something healthier and more productive.

Often, many of my clients will exhibit indulging or disrupting behaviors such as overeating, picking up (or ramping up) unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, over drinking, overanalyzing, worrying, and forgoing healthier options (even though they should stick with it). If you were born on the day of the Pig 亥 and you are married or in a serious relationship, be mindful you do not spread the penalty to your loved ones! Be courteous and conscientious that your unsettling energy could also affect your spouse. Communicate clearly, be more patient, and consider taking in a little space to help minimize any misunderstandings or disruption in your relationship.

Earlier, I mentioned that November will duplicate with the Year. If you already have a connection with the Pig 亥 year, this month will create a duplicate energy. In other words, pay attention to how the Pig 亥 year has already been treating you, then transfer that knowledge to help you prepare for November. Better yet, avoid overreacting. Remember, everything is magnified, which means everything will feel more sensitive. If it’s good, it’ll be great. If it has been somewhat challenging, then you now know how to equip yourself emotionally and mentally to better navigate the next 30 days.

Having a baby this month? Best to avoid Pig 亥 days as this will create a triple Pig 亥 chart for your newborn: Pig 亥 Year, Pig 亥 Month, Pig 亥 Day. Hence, it is also good to be mindful of the Pig 亥 Days this month:

  • Pig 亥 Days: Nov. 10 and 22, and Dec. 4.
  • Pig 亥 Hours: 09:00 to 11:00 p.m. local time

Example of a person’s chart born on November 10, 2019 between 21:00-23:00 local time.

Don’t forget: Daylight Saving Time (DST) adjustment (“fall back”) will take place on Sunday, Nov. 3.

Political Mumbo-Jumbo

I’m not much of a political buff, though I do follow it to stay apprised of what’s going on with the world around me. And it always serves as a good practice ground for research.

Last month, the Dog 戌, brought on a barrage of yuckiness—scandals, the impeachment inquiry, breakout wars, and stock market woes. Lots of clients have inquired how the President is faring and what the outlook of the election will look like. Well, it’s no surprise that Trump experienced another rocky October since the Dog 戌 energy activates his Earth Penalty (enemies). When analyzing his BaZi chart, though, it seems that Trump could still prevail, especially now that we are moving into the Water cycle—his favorable Element. Not to mention, 2020, Year of the Metal Rat 庚子 is comprised of two of his best Elements and his Nobleman year! I suppose you can say that his luck will turn around.

Stock Market

Have you been following my commentaries on this? If so, then you know going into the Water season is going to be troublesome. The Dow is drifting as the British pound is steadily declining ahead of Brexit, oil prices are rising, treasury yields edge lower as traders await debt auctions, trade war talks led by the U.S., the Turkey-Syria conflict outbreak with Turkey’s economy tanking, and the list goes on. While none of this is new or dramatic news, these events are causing more of a rift to an already sensitive marketplace. Our economic health is at the mercy of every small and large event. Why? When the Fire Element is totally extinguished, this creates a rise in panic. The overall sentiment of the economy feels more contracted, conservative, and pessimistic. Therefore, with the power Water energy looming closely, the urgency to self-preserve will be at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Flying Star Feng Shui 玄空風水

This month, Month Star 2 sits in the Center Palace. Take care of the Feng Shui of your home and office accordingly.

  • Center Palace (8,2) – the Sickness Star will connect here. Use 6 metal coins to diffuse this energy. Otherwise, this can provoke disharmony in the stomach or central region of the body, including headaches and low energy and libido.
  • Northeast Sector (2,5) – the Misfortune Star will pair up with Annual Star 2. Be careful! Especially if this is your bedroom, front door, or kitchen. The 2-5 combination is always the culprit to all-things yuck. Use the Metal Element to neutralize this dangerous combination.
  • East Sector (6,9) – you cannot use the Month Star 9 this month because 9, a Fire Element, will activate the outdated Annual Star 6, adversely impacting health related to breathing organs such as the lungs, skin, and nose. If this is the front door, be mindful of legal troubles. Do not activate 9 with any water feature. Do cure it with Earth Element (5 stones).
  • Southeast (7,1) – this area is neutral. Month Star 1 can behave as a ‘cure’ to Annual Star 7, however, you should still not activate 1; otherwise, it will disturb Annual Star 7 and create more harm than good.
  • South Sector (3,6) – place 3 bamboos in this area to suppress Month Star 6 or it will stir up conflicts such as disagreements, misunderstandings, and scandal.
  • Southwest Sector (5,8) – you will NOT be able to activate Month Star 8 this month! Remember, 5 and 8 are both Earth Elements. Month Star 8 will connect with 5 and can inadvertently boost the Misfortune star. Cure 8 with Metal Element (coins or wind chimes).
  • West Sector (1,4) – place a Fire Element cure to cure Month Star 4. The traditional object to use is a red envelope.
  • Northwest Sector (9,3) – this is another neutral area with Month Star 3, a Wood Element, which can enhance Annual Star 9, a Fire Element. Leave this area as-is.

As we prepare for the winter months, I want to leave you with this thought from Melody Beattle:

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

Stay tuned for all things 2020! I’ve already released my 2020 Chinese New Year Talk. I’m offering three dates in January. This presentation will be recorded and available for purchase. Save your seat HERE.


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