Luo Pan3Perhaps one of the most recognizable images on a traditional Feng Shui Luo Pan (or compass) is the Heaven’s Pool. This is a circular box located at the center of the Luo Pan where the magnetic needle is kept.

In ancient times, the needle floated free in water; that’s why the box is called a “pool.” The main feature of the box also includes a thin red thread with two small dots printed at the bottom. This is to mark the proper resting spot to indicate the North-South positions.

Owning a Luo Pan is a must for any serious Classical Feng Shui students and professionals. If you’re interested in owning one, I carry Grand Master Raymond Lo’s San Yuen San He Combined Luo Pan (for USA distributions only). However, the intricacies and details behind the compass do require formal training in order for you to properly use and interpret it. To learn more, join our 5-Day Feng Shui Program. See our Training and Events page for more details.