Debunking Famous Feng Shui Kitchen Myths

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Myth 1: The kitchen sink being directly across from the stove is bad: Many people think that when the sink (a Water element) is directly across from the stove (a Fire element), it will create a Water-Fire clashing relationship, thereby negatively impacting the people’s health and overall wellbeing.

Myth 2: The kitchen sink being directly adjacent to the stove is bad:

Similarly, when the sink (a Water element) and the stove (a Fire element) are positioned side-by-side, many also infer that the two kitchen features are in a conflicting, or conquering, relationship.

You might ask: Why are they both myths?

Myth 1 and 2 debunked: While Water and Fire do have a controlling relationship in accordance with the Five Elements theory, the relationship is not necessarily negative, especially in these scenarios. I offer a simple answer to both misconceptions. Because many Western consultants are unfamiliar with the advanced studies of Classical Feng Shui, they don’t realize Water and Fire are actually complementary. Fire represents Yin, and Water represents Yang. In “The Book of Changes,” the Water over Fire Hexagram is referred to as “Chi Chi.” This formation represents that, after a state of confusion, the evolution of order and peace begins. In other words, they are actually harmonious. Therefore, the two scenarios described above do not have any impact on the Feng Shui of the kitchen, or the house, for that matter.

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Myth 3: knives should never be placed next to the stove: Similarly, many New Age consultants suggest that knives (a Metal element) have a clashing relationship if placed next to the stove (a Fire element).

Myth debunked: Psychologically, knives are scary. They are sharp and can be dangerous weapons. When you think of it this way, they can cer- tainly leave an unsettling feeling when many knives of all sizes are exposed in an open area. other than that, knives have no Feng Shui effects related to Forms. So this is purely based on personal preference. Food for thought: Do all successful restaurants keep their knives hidden?

Myth 4: The kitchen should never be located in the northwest sec- tor of the house: The northwest sector represents the Heaven trigram (or Metal element), according to the Later Heaven Ba Gua arrangement. So people think that a kitchen situated in this sector of the house suggests an aggressive conquering relationship (Fire melts Metal) that would negatively impact the health and happiness of its occupants.

Myth debunked: This approach is not a universal solution, especially in Flying Star Feng Shui. Energy is a dynamic phenomenon that permeates, moves, and circulates as time passes. As a result, energy (good or bad) will not reside in one area of the house forever. Food for thought: Is it practi- cal to say that every kitchen in every house on earth should never have a kitchen in the northwest sector?

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