Let’s reflect back on July… wow! If you recall the forecast for July (click HERE to read it), I noted that the Goat Month’s (July) connection with the Dog Year (2018) will create a strong earth-penalty combination. And so we needed to be more alert and cautious towards the events and happenings in our external environment as well as with our inner health. The energetic theme of the month was, for a lack of a better term, thunderous! KA-BOOM!

In July alone, we saw so many natural disasters and unusually higher frequency in earth-related disturbances: The Thai soccer team trapped inside a cave, Laos dam collapse, 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Lombok, Indonesia, duck boat capsize in Missouri, out of control wildfire disasters in California and Greece, volcanic activities in Hawaii and Guatemala, record high heat waves in Canada and Japan, you name it. These events are very much in connection with the earth theme.Certainly, Mama Nature is very much in alignment with the timing of the 5 Elements–and she’s been very busy!

Even famous people whose BaZi charts are repulsed by the Earth Element experienced some major hurdles this month: Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) took a $130 billion nose dive, UK Prime Minister Theresa May faced her all-time low with the Brexit debacle, Tesla’s Elon Musk exhibiting some quirky, off-putting behaviors, Papa John’s  Founder’s (John Schnatter) disgraceful and embarrassing exit, and of course, President Trump’s ongoing shenanigans. The Goat Month/Dog Year intensified these people’s troubles.

And so, this is a kind and gentle reminder to you to take this very moment now to check in and see how YOU are faring as well, particularly if your BaZi chart has a strong connection with the Goat Month and Dog Year. This Goat month has been unforgiving to many, so you’ll need to take that much-needed pause and observe how this earth theme is manifesting in your life.

Is it in your physical body? Your emotional state? Your relationship or financial security? Your home or work place? Where is it? Share your stories and reflections with me, and let’s explore how the rest of this Dog Year will unfold for you so that you can better navigate–what’s left of it–with ease and awareness. And we’ll anticipate the arrival of the new month–the Monkey–on August 7th!

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