December 2020

Yang Earth Rat Feng Shui & BaZi Update

Transformation is a universal constant that affects our lives from the moment we are born until we leave earthly existence behind. At the root of all growth, we find change. Occasionally, change and the circumstances leading up to it are a source of extraordinary joy, but more often than not they provoke feelings of discomfort, fear, or pain. Though many changes are unavoidable, we should not believe that we are subject to the whims of an unpredictable universe. It is our response to those circumstances that will dictate the nature of our experiences. At the heart of every transformation, no matter how chaotic, there is substance. When we no longer resist change and instead regard it as an opportunity to grow, we find that we are far from helpless in the face of it.

December is going to be HUGE! We’re closing out the Gregorian calendar with a game-changing new moon eclipse (Dec. 14), a double relationship penalty day (Dec. 14), the Great Conjunction (Dec. 21), winter solstice (Dec. 21), and the Rat sign duplication (Dec. 7 – Jan. 6)—which also brings the most powerful Water cycle of the year!

December is set to deliver some of the most powerful planetary and elemental alignments of the year so far, making the 2020 holiday extra noteworthy. The season will inspire us to reach out to faraway friends and embrace optimism and warmth, even if the face of the Water season is shrouded in darkness. Plus, there is a significant emphasis placed on our emotional and spiritual baggage as well as revelations on our relationships. No doubt, the energetic transition to 2021 will be revolutionary—and all BaZi charts are going to feel the shift.

Meaning of the Elements

~ The Elements this month is Yang Earth Rat ~

The Earthly Branch is the Rat (Dec. 7 – Jan. 6) and it always marks the peak of the Winter season. December will duplicate with the energy of the year (also the Rat), ushering us into the tsunami tornado—intensifying EVERYTHING. This month is ideal to speak the truth, seek fresh knowledge, and take the moral high ground. This is our opportunity for magical manifestations—and it is absolutely EPIC, as long as we release anything that may stand in our way.

Dec. 14 is a pivotal day not only because it’s the new moon eclipse, but this is also the Rabbit day, which forms a penalty day. For those who are in the know, eclipses can be really chaotic, so it’s not the best day to set your usual new moon intentions. What’s more, the sensitivities around our interpersonal relations will heighten. Instead, lean on the day to turn your focus inward and examine your personal philosophies, spiritual belief systems, including how your views have changed in 2020. Side note: The electoral college certification deadline is due on this date, too!

The Great Conjunction – a rare planetary connection that only happens about once every 20 years – is when Saturn and Jupiter come together on Dec. 21. This day is Yang Earth Dog, a day for spirits, omens, ominous occurrences, and strange sightings. Because it’s on a Dog day, we will be devoid of the Nobelman Star. Sensitivities around our emotions and interactions will be felt during the hours of the Ox (0001-0100), Rabbit (0500-0700), Dragon (0700-0900), Goat (1300-1500), and the Dog (1900-2100). 

So, while the holiday month might prompt us to ease into the new year, it’s also a time to buckle down and get to work and get practical about your goals, release, let go, and bring to a close anything in your life that you have outgrown. Remember, the energy of the Water is not just about overcoming your fears, but it will be a monumental time for attaining new wisdom. Therefore, this has the potential to bring about abrupt and sudden transformation in your life.


The Rat month is your Nobleman if:

  • You were born in the Year or Day of Yin Earth 己 or Yin Wood 乙.
  • You were born in the Year of Day of Yin Earth 己 or Yin Wood 乙.
  • You were born in years ending 5 or 9 (1945, 1959, 1975, 2009, etc.)

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The Rat month is your Clash if:

  • You were born in the Year of the Horse (1942, 1952, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014).
  • You were born in the Month of the Horse (June 5 or 6 to July 7 or 8).
  • You were born on the Day of Horse. But this one is harder to derive because you need a Chinese calendar. You may email me to get yours if you don’t already have one.
  • You were born in the Hour of the Horse (1100-1300 hours local time).

Click HERE to learn more about Clash.


The Rat month is your Penalty if:

  • You were born in the Year of the Rabbit (1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011).
  • You were born in the Month of the Rabbit (June 5 or 6 to July 7 or 8).
  • You were born on the Day of Rabbit. But this one is harder to derive because you need a Chinese calendar. You may email me to get yours if you don’t already have one.
  • You were born in the Hour of the Rabbit (0500-0700 hours local time).

Because the Rat is also a Peach Blossom, this is going to be HUGE. The powerful opposition of the Rat-Rabbit energy will show you exactly where you have settled in your life, specifically in your relationships. It will show you all of those uncomfortable feelings that you try so hard to avoid. Important and life-altering questions should be explored:

  • What do you truly want in relationships?
  • What do you need?
  • Are your needs currently met?
  • Are your relationships honest? Loving? Compassionate?
  • Do your relationships allow for you to show up authentically?

Difficult conversations will be broached this month. Therefore, focus on sharing your thoughts and feelings honestly but kindly (and listen), give up the need to always be right, develop self-soothing techniques and healthy coping mechanisms, and set a timeline to come up with working solutions and action plans to move forward mindfully and productively.

Flying Star Feng Shui 玄空風水

December is a very unusual month because the Month Stars and Annual Stars duplicate. This energy dynamic mirrors that of March. What’s more, the Rat sign for the month and the year are also the same. For that reason, we can anticipate December to be a sensitive and turbulent month, where the energy of the super Water heightens. With that said, the recommendations included below should be exactly the same as the cures you should already have in place for 2020.

  • South Sector (2,2): Use the Metal Element to cure the Star of Sickness.
  • Southwest Sector (4,4): Use the Fire Element to cure the Star of Relationship Conflict.
  • North Sector (3,3): Use the Fire Element to cure the Star of Robbery.
  • East Sector (5,5): Use the Metal Element to cure the Star of Misfortune.
  • Southeast Sector (6,6): Use the Yin Water and/or Wood Element to cure the Star of Legal Trouble.
  • Center Sector (7,7): Use the Yin Water and/or Wood Element to cure the Star of Scandal.

What You Can Do? Increase the Fire Element!

  • Take care of the heart by doing more cardiovascular exercises that will help you break into a sweat: jogging, burpees or squat jumping, cycling, jump roping, kickboxing, hot yoga, dancing, rowing, hiking, etc.
  • See your local acupuncturist for additional healthcare support to ensure the heart qi is flowing freely and openly.
  • Avoid eating raw fruits and vegetables as they are cool energy. Consider steaming or sautéing.
  • Incorporate more “fire” or warming herbs such as turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, clove, cayenne, and garlic.
  • Choose Yang or warming foods such as apricot, cherry, coconut, raspberry, chives, leek, onions, pumpkin, squash, chestnut, glutinous rice, pine nut, walnut, pistachio, butter, chicken, deer, eel, ham, lamb, mussels, prawns, lobster, etc. Chat with your Chinese medicine doctor to sort out the proper dietary plan for you.
  • Your spiritual tools and practices will be put to work! Therefore, work on the “heart space” by keeping the energy light, bright, cheesy, and child-like to help counteract the seriousness of December.
  • Take care of the Feng Shui of your house this month (see above). Engage in a Feng Shui consultation if you must. Careful attention will be placed to the energy or stars responsible for human harmony.
  • Get a BaZi update! Why go at it blindly when you can get the guidance and insight to help you navigate the cycle with more ease?

Be well and good luck!

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