August 7th marked the beginning of the Monkey month and in the Chinese Hsia Calendar, this also signals the arrival of the Autumn (Metal) season. 

In practice, we usually pay closer attention to the Monkey month because it always represents the half-way point when we energetically transition from the Yang (Spring/Summer) into the Yin (Autumn/Winter). This recurring and cyclical transition can stimulate, provoke, and even disrupt the flow of energy, especially as the collective world moves deeper into the Yin and away from the Yang.

In the Five Elements cycle, we understand that, like all living beings, each Element (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood) has its own life cycle. They are born, gain strength, peak, wane, die, and are reborn again. On and on the cycle goes just like an unending circle.

This year, 2017 Yin Fire Rooster Year, officially marks the coming expiration for the Fire energy. That means as we move to the end of October, the Fire Element will enter “the Grave” to expire. Despite the Fire energy showing up in every Summer season (especially during years 2018-2021), the strength and influence of the Fire Element is weak and short-lived.

Whether or not your BaZi needs the Fire Element, Fire is always considered to be a key element because it plays an important role when it comes to governing and impacting people’s moods. Fire, the Element closely associated with joy and happiness, brings hope and celebration. That’s why, the traditional Chinese culture often uses the color red (a Fire Element) in their celebrations, including weddings.

Fire is the heart qi. 

And so, I encourage you to observe and monitor your mood and overall sense of comfort this month to understand how the absence of Fire is going to affect you directly, including how it will impact our leaders, global economy, and general outlook.

Nevertheless, let’s honor the Monkey. It brings the energy of Metal, which is associated with the emotion of grief and melancholy. Because Metal is represented by the lungs in Traditional Chinese Medicine, take care of space between your mind and your heart, for it may conjure up some sensitive feelings inviting you to address, confront, acknowledge, then let go of whatever thoughts or experiences you are currently holding on to.

The Fall season is upon us, and we must not reject the necessity to explore and confront even the unpleasantries, including tough feelings, tough situations, or tough questions. Allow yourself to FEEL every aspect that comes up. Don’t shy away from it because it may hurt. Don’t fuss too much if clarity isn’t so strong. Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up for taking your time. Slow down and enjoy the pace that the Autumn season brings.

Benefit from–and flow with–the energy that is here today, and explore these questions:

What do you want or need to let go?
Where are the “closures” in your life?
How do you want the rest of the year to play out?

Happy Monkey Month!

Want to know how the Monkey energy will behave specifically to you? Please come see me for your BaZi update. 

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