Do you like spicy food? Or know someone who can handle some heat in their food?

I recently read an article discussing what scientists are trying to figure out: Why some people can tolerate the spicy food?

Even though the results of their research did not indicate definitive answers as to why, they did come up with some interesting ideas. One reason could be that some people are simply born with less sensitivity to spice, in that their heat receptors are less responsive than average. Another possibility is that a person has built up their spice tolerance by eating a lot of it, desensitizing their taste buds. They even thought this could also be linked to your personality!

That’s all fine and dandy. But in BaZi 八字, we can also offer up some simple and logical explanation as it relates to a person’s birthday. As you know, a lot of what people do–how they behave and react–has a very important link to the Elements showing up in their BaZi八字 birth chart. The beauty of BaZi八字, too, is that it is not just isolated to understanding a person’s destiny in terms of his/her personality traits, career choices, or marriage and health aspects. But you can also zoom in and understand the minutia as ordinary as why some people can eat spicy food!

In Chinese Medicine and in the Five Elements table, “spicy” is technically labelled as pungent taste. And this is associated with the Metal Element. Spicy food often gets confused with being a Fire Element. Actually, if you learn the Five Elements table properly (see below), the Fire Element is related to bitter taste, such as coffee, unsweetened cocoa, bitter gourd, olives, citrus peel, and many plants in the Brassicaceae family, dandelion greens, wild chicory, and escarole. Know your Five Elements!

When we examine a person’s BaZi八字 birth chart, we can generally see why some people not only can tolerate pungent foods, but sometimes, they cannot avoid it! Yes, the Elements make-up of your chart can accurately explain why you tend to gravitate towards different types of tastes.

There are two BaZi八字 scenarios:

  • Your birth chart is Weak Water or Strong Earth, because that means your chart favors the Metal Element. Hence, you like and can tolerate pungent foods.
  • Your birth chart is predominantly dominated by a single Element–Metal. Even though Metal is not necessarily a favorable Element to a Strong Metal chart, sometimes, this also means you cannot escape the influence of Metal! Hence, you may find yourself liking to eating pungent foods.

This can also be analyzed for why some people also gravitate towards salty/savory food (Water Element) or sweets (Earth Element)! Happy Learning!

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