The Yang Fire Monkey Year is fast approaching! Happy to note that Grand Master Raymond Lo’s highly anticipated annual prediction and forecasts is finally released! To view his writeup, please click HERE.

A Personal Note from Me: While we are all eagerly planning and looking forward to the upcoming new year that brings forth renewed energy and new elements, it is important to stay grounded and present as there is still much, much more to experience with the remaining three months (the Pig, the Rat, and the Ox months) of the Yin Wood Goat Year. During this time of year, especially, it is our nature to get carried away with the festivities of the holiday and we forget to relish in the moment. This Yin Wood Goat year will not be returning for another 60 years, so I hope you are taking deliberate pauses — now and again — to recognize all the valuable lessons and blessings that have and will continue to manifest around you as we close out this year. Happy Winter Season to you!

I’ll take this moment to make a few announcements as well:

2016 AlmanacCo-authored by Grand Master Raymond Lo’s long-time student, Master Georgia Kiafi of Greece/Switzerland has released their annual almanac — the 2016 Fire Monkey. This is now available for purchase in the United States and serves as an important book for auspicious date selection.

Info: The Book of Auspicious Days (almanac) uses traditional Chinese calendars, astrology, and divination systems to assist you in selecting the best days for every type of activity. This book will prove invaluable when planning an important event or fixing a date for marriage or moving into new home/office. Presented in an extremely easy-to-use manner, this guide is all you need to make all the right moves at the right time. $46 USD. Request for your copy HERE.


Lastly, I will be hosting the 3rd annual Chinese New Year forecast to help articulate and decipher Master Lo’s Monkey predictions. Join me on Feb. 6 or Feb. 7, 2016 in Scottsdale! See details below.

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