BaZi Talk™: The First U.S. Presidential Debate

Today, Sept. 29, 2020 at 9PM ET, is the long-awaited U.S. Presidential Debate between incumbent, President Donald J. Trump, and Democratic Presidential nominee and former Vice President, Joe Biden. This is the first of three.
If you tuned in to my “Who Will Win?” workshop, we explored the energy map of the debate dates and compared them to how both gentlemen will be supported or not supported.
Interestingly enough, the time showcases a LOT of Nobleman stars: 4 for Trump, 3 for Biden. But the outlier here is the Four Pillar composition, which is mostly made up of Metal and Water, Trump’s favorable (good) elements.
If we removed the identities of these individuals, it’s not hard to see that person A (Trump) would fare better than person B (Biden) because elementally, the structure of the energy map is stronger for A than B.
But for those familiar with my BaZi work and the influence of Nobleman, you know that Nobleman can help you overcome obstacles and connect you with the right people. So, it’s probably safe to say that both men are probably receiving a lot of support. Who? Well, it might the voters, the media, Chris Wallace, their campaign staff, donors, and all those involved in getting their candidates elected.
But remember what I said about Biden’s BaZi chart as a weak Yin Fire person? He has to conjure up a LOT of energy to bulldoze against all this heavy Water (the Yin Wood on the day is superficial and too weak because it is surrounded by weak supportive elements). On the other hand, Trump might already feel energized and relaxed because the elements are more in alignment.
Just think about this. Have you ever woken up and naturally felt a little heavy, lethargic? And other days you feel like an energizer bunny? Well, these men are no exceptions to that rule. As my teacher always says, nobody, not even the monkey king, can defy the natural order of the Five Elements.
Happy Learning!

Oct. 14-18, 2020

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