April 2023 Yang Fire Dragon Feng Shui & BaZi Update

April 5 brings us a new month: Yang Fire Dragon.

We can appreciate the energy of March, propelling us to full throttle in all areas of life. It’s an energizing, super dynamic month with lots going on. The heightened energy of the month is due to the duplicate energy of the Rabbit Year and Rabbit Month. For some of us, we may even feel as if we are behind on our tasks and goals, barely keeping up with all the to-dos. If that’s the case, then the Dragon month is the perfect reset to ground us back into the present moment.

The Dragon is also a very spiritual animal sign. It is the gateway to our spiritual and innermost self and our connection to the heavens. Because the Dragon symbolizes the ending of the Spring season (even though we are barely feeling that season here in sunny Arizona), it’s the beat or the pause between Spring and Summer that calls us in to observe, feel into, and move with what has come to transpire and what it is that we hope to see unfold in the coming weeks.

The Dragon month is not a Nobleman or Peach Blossom to anyone because the Dragon is set aside for something else special. As a result, it’s definitely forcing us work harder! Pay closer attention to this month as it might give you a clue to how 2024 will unfold for you—the Year of the Dragon! Don’t you want a sneak peek?

The Dragon remains a clash to those with a Dog sign in their BaZi chart:

  • Born in the Year of the Dog (1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2005, etc.)
  • Born in the Month of the Dog (Oct. 8 – Nov. 7)
  • Born on the Day of the Dog (see BaZi chart)
  • Born in the Hour of the Dog (1900-2100 local time)

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