January 2020 Yin Fire Ox Feng Shui & BaZi Update

“The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.” – Bruce Lee

Hey, there! Are you easing into your routine from the holiday craze? If you’ve been following my newsletter for some time, then you know January (the Ox 丑) is the 12th and final solar month. That means, we are not quite into the 2020 Year of the Metal Rat 庚子 (though some of you are already feeling the new wave of energy).

I don’t personally do New Year’s resolutions but January (per the Gregorian calendar) is typically the time when most people are preparing, dreaming, and constructing theirs. Because the cycle of the Pig 亥 year isn’t entirely over yet, I want to remind you to not jump the gun and force new resolutions right away. In fact, many of my clients claim they can still feel the residual energy of the previous year—in January. For that reason, give yourself a little extra space and time to be more thoughtful and less stringent about these things this month and let the energy flow and settle into February. In other words, if you don’t get all your new goals outlined by January (or if you decided to change your mind later on), there really is no need to panic J

The New Year is a time for deep reflection. It is a signal that we are renewed once again and gifted a second chance to have a do-over: to right the wrongs of the past year, to reevaluate outdated dreams, to reinvent new ones, to forge ahead, to complete procrastinated projects, etc. Even if we dreaded getting another year older, the New Year is indeed a blessing to wipe the slate clean so we can create new experiences and new memories.

I wish you a very Happy (Gregorian) New Year to you!

Meaning of the Elements

~ The Elements this month are Yin Fire Ox丁丑 ~

The Ox丑 begins on Jan. 6 (“Slight Cold” 小寒) and ends when the new Chinese calendar cycle starts on Feb. 4 (“Arrival of Spring” 立春). January is the final month of the Winter season and hibernation is in its final stage. Spring is lurking around the corner…

Out of the 12 celestial animals, there are four Earth signs: Dragon 辰, Goat 未, Dog 戌, and Ox 丑. The Ox 丑 is considered the weakest and most feeble Earth Element of the four because it belongs to the season of Winter. For instance, the Ox 丑 has no match against the strength of the Goat , which is the strongest Earth Element because it belongs to the season of Summer. Yin Fire 丁 on top is also useless to the Ox 丑 even though the combination of the Elements is arranged in a harmonious relationship (productive cycle: Fire supports Earth). With that said, the Ox 丑 remains an Element not to be ignored. Though it may come in last, the Ox 丑 does have a quirky tendency to bulldoze its way in at the very last minute, especially when you are least expecting it. Turbulence and conflict can be initiated by the Ox 丑.

In other words, don’t let your guards down completely and safeguard your health and your emotional health. The energy will require more effort from you to stay steady and grounded (in other words, avoid overreacting, panicking, and being impulsive) as we bid the Pig 亥 year goodbye.

BaZi 八字

This month, the Heavenly Stem is Yin Fire 丁, like a candle. A strong Yin Fire 丁 Day Master usually has a great sense of humor who are often quite outgoing and exhibit creative talents. A weak Yin Fire 丁 Day Master is a bit more closed off, fastidious, and have less energy (especially going into 2020). A Yin Fire 丁 person whose Four Pillars is composed of a lot of Earth Elements will also be more extroverted and rambunctious. Likewise, a Yin Fire 丁 person whose chart has a lot of Wood Elements will be more reserved, thoughtful, and careful.

Famous Yin Fire 丁 ladies: Kelly Clarkson, Rita Hayworth, Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Jennifer Aniston, Tina Turner, Barbara Streisand, twins Barbara & Jenna Bush, Taylor Swift, etc.

Famous Yin Fire 丁 gents: Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Xi Jing Pin, David Bowie, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Neil Armstrong, Jimmy Carter, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Eddie Van Halen, etc.

January is your Nobleman if:

  • The Heavenly Stem of your Day or Year Pillar is Yang Wood 甲, Yang Earth 戊, or Yang Metal 庚;
  • You were born in years ending 4, 8, or 0 (such as 1964, 1978 or 1980)

Read more about Nobleman HERE.

January is your Clash if:

You were born in the Year of the Goat 未 (1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015) or you have a Goat 未 animal sign anywhere in your Four Pillars, like the example below:

Read more about Clash HERE.

January is your Earth Penalty if:

You have a Goat 未 and Dog 戌 sign anywhere in your Four Pillars and current Luck Pillar. This Penalty is more serious if the Earth Element is considered your unfavorable Element such as your Day Master is Strong Earth 土, Strong Metal 金, Weak Water 水, Weak Fire 火, and Weak Wood 木. More info HERE. Famous people with Earth Penalty: Julia Roberts, Emma Stone, Robin Williams, Farrah Fawcett, Monica Lewinsky, David Bowie, Aretha Franklin, Bill Cosby, President Donald Trump, etc.

Earth Penalty can cause a lot of worries, anxieties, and health concerns such as cancer, digestive issues, autoimmune diseases, thyroid problems, pancreas/blood sugar, diabetes, etc. The Earth Penalty can also compromise the heart qi (cardiovascular health, blood circulation) and kidney qi (adrenal, reproductive organs, teeth, bones). Thus, if you are already familiar with this BaZi concept, you should do the following:

  • Carry jade pendant of the Rat this month.
  • Depending on the configuration of your chart, you should eliminate excess Earth energy by taking in more foods that are high in antioxidant such as the berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, goji berries), pomegranate seeds, spinach, artichoke, kidney beans, red cabbage, dark chocolate, beets, etc.
  • Take care of the Feng Shui of your house this month, particularly where you sleep and spend the most time in. See Flying Star update below and watch out for the West and North sectors this month.

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Stock Market

This fire is feeble, fickle, and frail. Passing through the deep and final cold front of the season, without Wood, the Fire is meek and sick. As you may know, Fire is the critical ingredient for fueling upward momentum, particularly with driving the stock market (bull market) and influencing the mood and global outlook of the people (optimism and joy). That means, we will all need to put in a little more effort to keep the spark burning brightly in our lives.

Stanley Druckenmiller, 66, one of Wall Street’s most successful investors, recently appeared on Bloomberg Television to note that there are a trio of events that could upend the optimism and that it would “definitely trigger a bear market.” He has made a number of accurate bets since ending his 30-year tenure running what the Wall Street Journal described as “one of the industry’s most successful” hedge funds with Duquesne Capital Management.

  1. A political event. Yep, 2020 is a critical election year in the United States. “A change of leadership in the White House that goes to some of the anti-capitalists. That would definitely trigger a bear market and end the bull market.”
  2. Federal rates start tightening up because we have enough inflation.
  3. A credit event. Banks are lending at extremely low rates and there are a lot of really bad apples out there that are not being exposed

We have been saying this all along. So, if you’re in the stock market game, I’m sure you’re well aware of what’s ahead!

Flying Star Feng Shui 玄空風水

This month 9 resides in the Center palace. Take care of the Feng Shui of your home:

  • Southeast Sector (7,8) – You can’t activate Month Star 8 this year or it will enhance Year Star 7 (8 Earth supports 7 Metal), which is the star responsible for scandal, conflict, and embarrassment. Leave 8 alone.
  • Southwest Sector (5,6) – This spell legal trouble and causes some temporary ailments related to the Metal Element, including upper respiratory issues (cold, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia), skin (acne, eczema), teeth (cavities, root canal, toothache), bones (osteoporosis), and sex organs. Use 3 bamboo stalks in a clear glass vase or a Wood and Yin Water Element to suppress this area. Mostly, make sure you’ve addressed the Year Star 5 and the base chart of your home.
  • Northeast Sector (2,3) – This 2,3 combination can provoke stomach (or mid-section) problems. Therefore, if the NE sector is your bedroom, make sure you have already addressed the Year Star 2 with 6 metal coins; otherwise, Month Star 3 will attack and stimulate the Sickness Star, creating worries (overthinking, anxiety) and physical discomfort.
  • East Sector (6,7) – Double Metal. This combination is often called the “fighting bull” and is very aggressive this month. If a son sleeps in the East bedroom, then he may exhibit a more rebellious and/or independent attitude (loose mouth such as back talking), defying his elders and resisting rules and authority. Use 3 bamboo sticks in a clear glass vase to minimize the temperament of the Double Metal combination.

  • West Sector (1,2) – Sickness star is present in this location; best to place 6 metal coins to ensure this energy is not inadvertently activated, especially if the base chart of your home already has Flying Stars 9, 2, 5, 8, even 3, and 4.
  • North Sector (4,5) – Misfortune star is residing here this month; best to place 6 metal rod wind chimes or a salt cure to minimize the effects of Month Star 5. Otherwise, this star could disrupt interpersonal relations and could potentially create more volatile emotions such as anger and jealousy.

  • South Sector (3,4) – double Wood. Relationship conflict could amplify this month. Minimize this with a Fire Element cure. Since the energy of the Rat 子 is coming up so quickly, those with a Rabbit 卯 sign in their Year or Day Pillar should be extra cautious not to get into major conflicts with family members and professional contacts or it could prematurely activate the Rat-Rabbit 子卯 Relationship penalty, creating harm that could mean disloyalty, betrayal, broken promises, etc.
  • Northwest Sector (9,1) – This is a prosperous area assuming the base chart of your house can directly benefit from this month’s 9,1 combination. If you have a good star in a Yang space (front door, living room, kitchen, exercise room, etc.), then you can expect a positive windfall of unexpected money and bouts of good fortune! Activate this with water only if you have direct knowledge that NW is a strong Feng Shui location in your home or office.
  • Center Palace (8,9) – This combination is extremely auspicious; however, the center palace takes up but a very tiny area of the floor plan. What’s more, the center area of most house floor plans is typically closed off areas like a wall or a closet instead of a key room such as a living room or kitchen. Thus, the center palace may not be able to fully impact the good fortune of the house this month unless the center area is totally open (think open floor plan concept) with no partitions, barriers, walls, large furniture, etc.

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